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How to Choose an FPGA for your Design

November 09, 2018, hardwarebee

In this article we will give some guidelines on how to choose an FPGA for your design.
The process of choosing an FPGA is like any other decision-making process in our life. First you look inside to collect all the requirements for your project, and then you weigh your

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GOWIN Semiconductor Brings Ultra Low Power Programmable Logic Devices to Market

October 30, 2018, hardwarebee

GOWIN Semiconductor Corp., the world’s leading innovator of programmable logic devices, introduces its latest family of small size and low power FPGA products, the GW1NZ “Mobile FPGA”.  Using proprietary design techniques and the latest in ultra-low power processes, GOWIN continues to add value to mobile and wearable applications through the

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Tactics For Fast, Predictable FPGA Timing Optimization

October 08, 2018, hardwarebee

It is the start of a brand new day. You come to the office, open up a medical imaging design that met timing the day before and finds that a bugfix made by someone else has led to timing failures.
In the demanding world of high-performance FPGA design, there is

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Introduction to FPGAs

October 04, 2018, hardwarebee

This article is an introduction to FPGA – Field Programmable Gate Array.
An FPGA is a programmable chip which is the closest thing to designing your own chip (e.g. ASIC). An FPGA allows you to design and implement any digital function you can possibly imagine.
You can consider

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3 Qualities to Look For in Your Next FPGA Design Services

September 27, 2018, hardwarebee

Outsourcing your FPGA design to an external, 3rd party FPGA Design Service company can help you meet your deadline without having to invest in resources, tools or specialized FPGA design know-how. A good FPGA design service company can offer a complete turnkey service of developing an FPGA from scratch based

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Choosing the Right FPGA for the Right Price

September 25, 2018, hardwarebee

20 years ago, I was an FPGA developer in a large company, where we developed high speed wireless systems. The product consisted of several boards and every board had 3-5 FPGAs. FPGA unit price was always a big issue for us. Our sales people were pushing to lower the product

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