Analog-Digital Fusion Power Supply Control

July 10, 2024

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Analog controlled power supplies have long been a staple in industrial robotics and semiconductor manufacturing equipment operating in the medium power range. However, the demand for higher reliability and precise control has posed challenges for traditional analog-only configurations. On the other hand, fully digital power supplies offer fine control but are not widely adopted in the small to medium power range due to high power consumption and cost. To bridge this gap, ROHM has introduced the innovative LogiCoA™ power supply solution, combining the strengths of analog and digital technologies.

The LogiCoA™ brand represents a new design approach that integrates digital elements to enhance the performance of analog circuits. It is the industry's first "analog-digital fusion control" power supply, featuring a digital control block centered around the LogiCoA™ MCU and analog circuitry with silicon MOSFETs and other power devices. This fusion enables enhanced functionality at lower power consumption and cost compared to traditional analog control power supplies.

Unlike analog control power supplies, where performance variations in peripheral components need to be considered during design, the LogiCoA™ solution stores various settings in the MCU to correct these variations within the power supply circuit. This results in smaller, more reliable power supplies without the need for design margins. Additionally, the MCU's nonvolatile memory allows for recording operation log data, making it ideal for industrial equipment requiring backup logging in case of malfunction.

The evaluation reference design REF66009 offers users the opportunity to experience the LogiCoA™ power supply in a non-isolated buck converter circuit. Along with circuit diagrams, PCB layouts, parts lists, sample software, and support documents, users can evaluate the device using the LogiCoA001-EVK-001 evaluation board. This comprehensive evaluation approach ensures a seamless transition to the innovative LogiCoA™ technology.

Looking ahead, ROHM is committed to further developing LogiCoA™ MCUs to support various power supply topologies, aiming to create a more energy-efficient and compact power supply block. By focusing on enhancing energy efficiency, ROHM is paving the way for a sustainable society where power loss is minimized, contributing to a greener future for all.

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