Compact Half-Bridge Solution for DC-DC Converters

May 27, 2024

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Alpha and Omega Semiconductor (AOS) has recently unveiled a groundbreaking solution for space-constrained DC-DC applications, offering significant footprint savings. The AONG36322 XSPairFET, developed by AOS, features a unique half-bridge design that utilizes two 30V MOSFETs in an innovative configuration. In this setup, the high-side and low-side MOSFETs are housed in an asymmetric DFN3.5×5 XSPairFET package.

This innovative design of the AONG36322 allows it to effectively replace existing DFN5x6 asymmetric half-bridge MOSFETs while reducing the PCB footprint by approximately 60%. By streamlining the DC-DC architecture, this advancement leads to a more efficient design overall. Additionally, the package design of the AONG36322 contributes to lower parasitic inductance, which plays a crucial role in reducing switch node ringing.

These remarkable features position the AONG36322 as an ideal solution for the next generation of smaller DC-DC buck converters, particularly in compact applications such as point-of-load (POL) computing, USB hubs, and power banks. The enhanced efficiency and space-saving benefits make it a valuable addition to the evolving landscape of power management solutions.

One of the key highlights of the AONG36322 is its chip scale packaging, which significantly enhances fast charging capabilities. The integration of high-side and low-side MOSFETs with maximum on-resistance values of 4.5 mOhms and 1.3 mOhms, respectively, showcases the cutting-edge technology behind this product. The direct connection of the low-side MOSFET source to the exposed pad on the PCB further improves thermal dissipation.

According to Peter H. Wilson, the Marketing Sr. Director of MOSFET product line at AOS, "We designed the AONG36322 in the DFN3.5×5 package to help our customers address their ongoing board space limitations. Our innovative AOS XSPairFET design not only offers improved power density and efficiency but also assists developers in meeting the increasingly demanding performance goals of POL Buck applications."

In a strategic move, Alpha and Omega Semiconductor has ventured into the SiC MOSFET market with the introduction of the AONG36322. This expansion underscores the company's commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that cater to the evolving needs of the power management industry. The AONG36322's impressive specifications, including VDS, VGS, RDS(ON), and capacitance values, position it as a competitive player in the market.

Pricing and availability details for the AONG36322 have also been announced. The product is now available in production quantities with a lead time of 16 weeks. Customers can procure the AONG36322 at a unit price of $0.915 in 1,000-piece quantities. For more information, visit www.aosmd.com.

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