ByteSnap Design


With an international client list spanning the UK, the United States and Europe, we have successfully designed a large range of products that our customers have brought to market.  They include:


  • Industrial Tablet Computers
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Posts
  • Smart Home Security System
  • Zigbee Based Energy Control Systems
  • Handheld Multimedia Tour Guide

Our hardware engineers have designed products using technologies from ultra-low power 8-bit microcontrollers through to high end 32-bit microprocessors.

The software team has embedded Linux and Windows CE expertise at bootloader,  kernel and application levels – and includes some of the most experienced Windows CE developers in Europe.


Embedded Firmware Development

ByteSnap Design has vast experience developing software for a variety of embedded devices, including developing firmware for embedded systems.


The embedded firmware development solutions we provide to clients need not depend on an operating system like Windows CE or Linux. We often work with clients requesting smaller devices that require embedded firmware solutions based on both 32-bit ARM Cortex M and 8-bit PIC microcontrollers. These may use a small footprint real-time operating system (RTOS), may use a simple scheduler, or may not require any type of OS.

CPU and SoC Capabilities

Our CPU and SoC capabilities at ByteSnap Design cover a vast array of devices.

We have expertise with product and software development around a wide range of microcontrollers – from high performance application processors down to tiny low-cost 8 bit devices.


At ByteSnap Design, our consultants use a wide variety of microcontrollers and microprocessors to create products that meet the right balance of cost, power consumption and performance.


Choosing the right micro for the job can be a complex task as the designer needs to take account of the cost, power consumption and performance as well as development tools, operating system availability and product longevity

Electronic Board Design

We are leading UK experts in innovative bespoke electronic board design. Our skills include high-speed digital board and mixed-signal board design for a range of applications.


We design and test the latest electronic products, particularly embedded microprocessors. From initial design concept to manufacture, we ensure our clients’ products are cutting-edge, cost-effective to produce and fulfil their technical and business requirements.

The ByteSnap Design team has 15 years of experience in delivering successful high speed digital and mixed signal design

FPGA Development

With over twenty years’ experience in FPGA development and CPLD development, ByteSnap Design is a proven, reliable and innovative partner.


We use VHDL and Verilog to design FPGAs and to write test benches. Our FPGA designs suit a range of applications, including general purpose, bespoke IP cores, and 3rd party IP.  We are experts in using Xilinx, Actel/Microsemi, Lattice, and Altera devices

Manufacturing Support

Our close relationships with partners in the electronics manufacturing industry ensure that prototypes and full products are designed to our clients’ specific requirements.


Our select partners follow the most rigorous testing practices to ensure that the product meets the latest industry standards (such as RoHS, WEEE).


To ease the manufacture of a product, these are some of the aspects we consider:

  • Choice of surface mount vs. through hole components
  • Wave soldering vs. IR reflow
  • Component packaging (e.g. 0402, BGA)
  • PCB layer count and finish
  • Batch size
  • Unit cost