Enics is an Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider that specializes in industrial electronics. Enics provides development, support, prototyping, industrialization, manufacturing, product care, spare part production, and repair and maintenance services for the entire life-cycle of its customers’ products.


Enics offers the following services: Engineering (electronics design support, NPI, fast prototyping, design for manufacturing, test system development), manufacturing (PCB assembly, box build and system assembly, low-volume production, RoHS services), life extension (component and product care, test system maintenance), after sales (spare parts production, electronics repair, preventive maintenance, recycling services), and supply chain (sourcing, optimize supply chain, delivery flexibility)


Electronics Manufacturing Services

Electronics Manufacturing Services for industrial electronics are our core. Our wide range of industrialization and life extension services complement our manufacturing capabilities from the inception of your product and beyond.

Good business is created by working together.  At Enics, we increase the value of our customer’s business with joint product lifecycle management. We establish the foundation for integrated new product introduction and industrialization, while making sure to include all partners in the process. We believe that working in parallel is the new Lean  in Industrial Electronics. Our customers appreciate our holistic ideas and proven processes that optimize all aspects of a product’s value: cost, time-to-market, and quality. With our cross-functional teams we deliver quality products that realize your vision by utilizing the right resources throughout the life of your product.

Supply Chain Management: Supply Quality, Delivery Flexibility and Security; Managed Total Cost

Enics has always invested in maximizing the supply chain in terms of organization, tools and processes, with an emphasis on flexibility, secure delivery, increased visibility and supply quality. As a global company, Enics creates customer-focused, end-to-end supply chain strategies and solutions that optimize the total cost of ownership.

Enics combines its local and global organizations to take advantage of both its global expertise, purchasing and consolidation benefits and the benefits of having manufacturing and operational activities in close proximity to the customer.


  • All Enics supply chain-related activities, processes and its ERP system are harmonized and supported through its global business processes. This ensures customers that they will have the same supply chain experience wherever and whenever they are engaged with Enics.
  • The One Enics philosophy ensures that all suppliers, supply partners and customers are treated with the same strategy, processes, tools and organization no matter who they are or where they are located.This enables Enics to develop relationships with long-term benefits for all parties.
  • We believe in end-to-end supply chain integration and work in tandem with our customers and supply partners to devise innovative solutions.
  • We uphold Enics values in all supplier relationships and aspire to be the most professional supply chain organization in the EMS industry.