Hardent is an electronic design company providing electronic design services, training solutions, and IP products to leading electronics equipment and component manufacturers throughout the world. Our objective is to use our electronic design expertise to support our customers throughout the product development cycle and enable them to achieve their business goals.


Since 2002, we have worked on projects spanning a number of different industries including the aerospace and defense, automotive, consumer electronics, medical, telecommunications, and videoindustries. Some of our areas of expertise include FPGA design/FPGA verification, ASIC design, system and hardware architecture, DSP design, embedded software design, and power/signal integrity analysis. Customers call on us for help with design review, architecture definition or review, timing closure support, feasibility studies, engineering cost analysis, electronic design training, and much more.



FPGA Design Services

FPGA/ASIC/IC/ASSP development with Hardent is performed by expert electronic design engineers with an established track record of complex FPGA and ASIC design. Our design specialists have backgrounds from some of the industry’s most respected companies and have helped forge our leading electronic design practices.


As an exclusive Xilinx Authorized Training Provider and a certified member of the Xilinx Alliance Program, Hardent benefits from the up-to-date technological information and enjoys privileged access to Xilinx resources and tools for FPGA and ASIC design.


As FPGA and ASIC design technology evolves at a rapid pace, we continue to lead with the most advanced and reliable designs across diverse electronic product development industries, including the telecommunications, consumer electronics, and video industries.

Embedded Software / Firmware Development and Design

Hardent provides expert embedded software development and embedded firmware / software engineering design solutions. We leverage the latest embedded technology to help you develop quality electronic products.


Need help to set up a build environment for embedded software development? Need an embedded expert to review the performance optimization of your design?

Our embedded team can provide you with a complete range of embedded software development services.


We can help you with:

  • System architecture and partitioning
  • Board bring-up
  • Embedded implementations
    • Linux
    • Lightweight schedulers
    • Custom kernel drivers
    • Application development (Assembly/C/C++)
  • Cross-compilation toolchains
  • Project organization and build automation
    • Makefiles
    • Defect tracking
    • Revision control
  • Device driver design
  • OS/Kernel modifications and patches
  • Open-source software (OSS) hardening
  • Software acceleration (such as with NEON or custom HW)

Our team applies its vast embedded firmware design knowledge to fully optimize your application. Whether it be for hard real-time performance or making the most of minimal resources, our team has extensive hands-on experience with common embedded platforms and OSs including:


  • i386
  • PPC
  • ARM
  • Linux
  • WindRiver


From complex OSs like Linux, all the way down to small RTOSs like freeRTOS, the architecture of an embedded software system by Hardent is meticulously developed to deliver the best performance, while being compliant with industry standards. System-level design tools used by Hardent’s team include MATLAB, System-C, and Simulink.

Electronic System-Level Design

Electronic system-level design support from Hardent: helping you bring products to market faster.

Short product life cycles, coupled with increasingly complex electronic designs, mean that manufacturers often struggle to optimize productivity and bring products to market on time.

Our experience using ESL design methodologies and tools can help your team to speed up the design cycle.