IDW Innovation Studio


If you have no access to the design files of your project and are trapped with your current ODM, maybe your production has been affected by the global landscape. We’ll create an identical variant of your product which can be manufactured in a new supply chain that takes advantage of USMCA.


First create a hybrid support supply chain which will partially have factories in North America for key processes without affecting your current supply chain until we can completely replace it. This will reduce the risk of copycats, Chinese companies selling and stealing your ideas, plus it’s less vulnerable to geopolitical issues


We’ll be your internal team, with perfect English, close for travelling while being in the same time zone. You’ll have total control of the supply chain, design files and contacts. You can visit the factories. You can take the tour as an excuse to visit the Mayan Riviera.


Alternate Supply Chain Creation

  • We do reverse engineering of your existing products (in case you don’t have the design files)
  • We put together a supply chain.
  • We help you manage and supervise the ongoing production.

Product Design Services

  • We follow a highly fine tuned product development process which allows us to save you money and time.
  • We have the best local talent, English speaking and with plenty of experience.
  • We offer the best project management service in the market.

Electronic Design

  • Fast turnaround electronic prototype assembly.
  • Schematic design.
  • PCB Outline design.
  • Embedded software development
  • Electronic production supervision.

Prototype Manufacture

If you’re looking to expedite prototype assembly, we’ll do the 3d printing, sanding and finishing, sourcing components, assembly, testing and debugging so that you can have your working prototypes without any issue.

Custom Plastic Enclosure Design/Injection

  • If you already have an electronic design and are looking for the right enclosure, we can take care of the design.
  • We can also do the injection molding and adding decoration finishes.