Synergie-CAD is a leading international electronic manufacturing & design service provider offering a full turnkey capability in test programme development, hardware development ,design, simulation, and manufacture of complex electronic products, systems and assemblies for the Semiconductor test industry.

Our offering is uniquely open ended, allowing clients total freedom in selecting the range of services they need or a single service, at the level they need it, be it design, simulation, sockets, Probe, manufacturing or full turn-key.

Our global offices are positioned to provide support for the full semiconductor test cycle, development to production test.


Full Turn-key

Synergie-CAD has all the required expertise internally to offer a full turnkey Semiconductor test development solution (Hardware and Software). Having this internal full turnkey capability allows us to manage your project with maximum visibility of information at all stages, understanding all processes required and better management of timelines making for a reliable and flexible solution.

Semiconductor Test board Design and Simulation

With 30 years’ experience in designing all types of Semiconductor test boards and qualification boards including Load boards, Probe cards, Burn-in boards and Engineering boards.

We are experienced in designing for all major tester platforms including (Advantest, Teradyne, LTX Credence, Spea…many more) and will design to custom tester platforms.

We use Ansys HFSS and SI-wave to Simulate and optimise RF, High speed digital, Analogue and operation critical signals and power integrity.

PCB Manufacture and Assembly

Our PCB manufacturing facility in France has over 30 years’ experience in manufacture and assembly of printed circuit boards for the Semiconductor test industry. Our core business is ATE boards and Burn-in boards. We meet the challenges of large board size, thick PCB, high layer count, controlled impedance, fine pitch DuT, multisite, RF and high speed load board, probe card and burn-in board manufacture.

Test Development

With our in-house Advantest 93K and Teradyne J750 tester platforms we aim to support customer’s hardware verification, test program development and test platform transfer. Working closely with our Probe team we have 200mm and 300mm wafer probe handlers.

ATE Systems are available for customers to access, supported development or remote access.

We can support Qualification & Characterisation electrical testing.

Wafer Probe solutions

With our dedicated Probe office in France and our probe support offices in key Semiconductor production test areas we offer a full range of wafer probe solutions.

  • Vertical Probe
  • Direct attach
  • Cantilever
  • Wire space Transformer
  • RF

See our attached Probe presentation.

Burn-in Systems

Synergie-CAD develops and manufactures:


Driver boards. With more than 400 BIB systems running with our driver cards.

Interface an Burn-in boards.

Complete Burn-in systems

Ovens with 30 to 60 slots.

Interface Software “Universal Driver supervisor


UDx Universal Reliability and Test System.

High Density, High Scalability, High Evolutivity.

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