Glide Embedded Solutions


Glide is an innovative embedded software & hardware solutions provider with a seamless and process-oriented approach to product design across various industries such as Automation, Consumer Products, Wearable Devices, IoT, Healthcare, Security and Surveillance serving many countries such as, UK, US, Canada, Singapore, France, Switzerland, India and many more. Glide has been part of many client success stories while delivering innovative embedded & IoT products through next-gen technologies.


Product Engineering

Our product design services work in tandem with feasibility and launch study for the product. The market offers new challenges every day, our experience and expertise allows us to develop solutions that tackle these problems in and efficient manner and introduce the best products into the market.

We create solutions implementing the very best of product engineering practices and help clients in


  • Feasibility Study
  • Product Conceptualization
  • Product Architecture and Design
  • Product Manufacturing and Engineering
  • Product Launch
  • Single Point Engineering Solutions

Embedded Software Services

GLIDE provides entire spectrum of services which includes firmware development services that ranges from BSP & driver development, middleware development & optimization to embedded application development and usability engineering for GUI design.

GLIDE helps companies to enable frugal innovation delivering amazing experiences.

  • Board Support Package (BSP) Development
  • Boot Loader Development
  • Device Driver Development
  • Embedded Systems Integration
  • RTOS porting
  • BIOS porting and customization
  • Right partner selection for manufacturing
  • Performance Optimization Services
  • 3rd Party Software Integration Services
  • Testing and Quality Assurance Services
  • Mobile Application Development
  • PC Application Development
  • GUI Design
  • Right partner selection for manufacturing

Hardware Design Services

We handpick every component that goes into manufacturing your products. Our team of hardware experts selects the most suitable components, right from the processor platforms to the microcontrollers; we make sure you have the best. We understand the importance of quality hardware and deliver top notch hardware solutions to meet your requirements.

We create hardware solutions that are built for the long haul and help our clients with


  • Feasibility analysis and component selection
  • BoM optimization and estimation
  • Power and performance optimization
  • Enclosure and casing design
  • Aesthetics and Usability

Product Conceptualization Services

GLIDE ensures the viability of ideas while developing concepts. We undertake a process that ensures the success of an idea and its realization into an effective product…

Our design consultancy is crafted to aid the product lifecycle from the very inception of the idea. We perform thorough market research to understand the feasibility of an idea and develop product architecture that is both robust and flexible.


  • Product features listing
  • Product concept creation
  • Product concept feasibility
  • Complete selection of core and supporting technology
  • Hardware & Software component selection
  • Proof of concept development
  • Right partner selection for manufacturing