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Rapid Silicon is a leader in providing domain-specific FPGAs for diverse target applications and power, performance and area (PPA). Rapid Silicon utilizes a combination of open-source software and proprietary AI technology to enable a fast and seamless design-to-silicon experience.




Rapid Silicon’s debut PLDs, codenamed Gemini, are designed with a surgical focus on integration with a fine grain parallel fabric of an FPGA, high-performance transceivers, control and application capability with RISC-V and ARM processors and plug and play connectivity using hardened FlexNoc interconnect.


A rich feature set that is power-optimized to service the massive sensor processing needs, tight thermal profiles and shrinking form factors that define embedded and edge applications. 



Built on TSMC’s 16nm FF process, Gemini delivers the best performance-per-watt out of the gate. The innovative design includes tried and true FPGA fabric elements such as 6-input fracturable LUTs, DSP blocks, true dual-port block RAM integrated with high performance capabilities in a hardened RISC-V, dual-core ARM A53 processors, 2166 Mbps external memory controller and 16.3125 Gbps transceivers with hard PCI Express Gen-4 and Ethernet controllers. This vast amount of IP integration is enabled via the high performance, low latency hardened FlexNoC interconnect.


The FlexNoc interconnect provides a scalable, consistent interface that enables Rapid Silicon to quickly iterate silicon without disruption. The hardened FlexNoc state-of-the-art IP natively support AXI, OCP, and proprietary protocol with Ncore® cache coherency, it also eliminates routing congestion, improves performance, lowers latency, reduces both die area and power consumption and provides quality of service (QoS).



Gemini Features


  • From 50 KLE to 100 KLE device densities
  • Up to 325 18×20 Multiplier Blocks with built in Carry and Accumulate
  • Up to 11.7Mb of on-chip block RAM on the largest device
  • 6-input fracturable LUT with carry chain and registered outputs
  • Multiply-accumulate DSP blocks with carry chain
  • True dual-port 18 Kb block RAM supporting shift register and FIFO modes
  • 4 output PLLs capable of generating up to 1 GHz clocking
  • Highest I/O density with over 520 I/O
  • High voltage I/O supporting up to 3.3V standards
  • High performance I/O capable of 1.5 GHz LVDS performance
  • Hard 32-Bit RISC-V real-time application processor with custom instruction support operating up to 533 MHz with
    16 KB I/D cache and 64 KB program memory
  • DRAM controller capable up to 1066 Mbps performance support DDR4, DDR3, LPDDR3, and LPDDR4
  • Hardened FlexNoC interconnect allows for low latency, rapid integration of any AXI-capable IP
  • Hard Tripe Speed Ethernet controller for easy, high performance connectivity
  • Up to 256KB of dedicated on-chip RAM for extra storage


EDA Tool


Rapid Silicon is the first PLD company to adopt and deploy open-source development software, the Raptor EDA tool, unleashing the power of the community, empowering a large ecosystem to innovate, develop, support, and deploy at a large scale. Democratizing the software development toolchain results in faster and better innovation and a community of support that works together to make this EDA environment the best in the business.


Raptor offers a familiar EDA experience that allows designers to get started and be productive quickly. It has been built from the ground up to be community based while also providing robust support for Rapid Silicon’s unique devices and design experiences. Designers can use the modern GUI experience if they wish but the Tcl backend is always just a click away.



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