Established in 1997, Softeq develops custom software and hardware solutions for startups, small businesses, medium enterprises, and large corporation irrespective of their industry. Our team in Houston, TX and its European sister office are catering for the needs of global clients in all time zones. We specialize in full stack development. That means our software developers and hardware specialists can program components on as low level as drivers and firmware; design and build PCBs and embedded electronics; implement software applications for web, desktop and mobile. These could be standalone apps and complex ecosystems for the Internet of Things.


Embedded Software and Firmware Development

We are one of the few global fimware developers who have proven skills and diverse expertise in firmware and embedded software design. With two decades of first-hand experience under our belt complemented with extensive R&D practice in embedded solutions and firmware development, and proven project management processes, Softeq makes a reliable partner for building powerful electronic solutions, devices, and low-level components that enable innovation.



Hardware Design

Softeq has taken a hand in production of complex hi-end solutions, sophisticated gadgets, and sleek handheld devices, bringing them from concept through requirements to field trials and production. They have been the result of a collaborative effort of the company’s hardware engineers working closely with software and firmware design teams on developing and integrating electronic components, as well as firmware technologies and software systems.

FPGA Design Services

Whenever you need a hand in high-speed throughput and complex data processing, Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) is the best technology choice to provide these qualities. Our FPGA development and CPLD programming capabilities are also strengthened with our solid electrical engineering and firmware development skills. Our practical experience covers working with such FPGA and CPLD brands as Xilinx, Altera, Lattice, Microsemi. Drawing on our expertise in FPGA consulting and implementation, we’ll help select suitable manufacturer, specify the particular field-programmable logic devices’ family with close regards to I/O pins availability, transceiver types and speed, PLLs/DLLs performance, functional density (Logic Cells, DSP Slices, RAM), temperature range, power input, and other tech specifications. With a tailored roadmap coupled with a solid approach to obsolescence management, Softeq FPGA developers will implement the solution helping you considerably reduce the overall development cost, as well as balance project timescale and risks.