A2e Technologies


Located in San Diego CA, Boston MA and Guadalajara Mexico, A2e Technologies is an Electronic Design Services (EDS) firm providing custom embedded design and product development services to Industry and Government.

With a highly experienced senior staff and significant breadth of skills, A2e Technologies provides everything you need for all your custom technology development needs.

From designing portions of a project in conjunction with your engineering teams to complete turn-key projects and specialty niche design services, A2e Technologies has the ability to provide the right solutions to meet your unique requirements.

Beyond our embedded design services, we also provide Industrial and Mechanical Design services via two strategic partners.

This means that under one roof, we provide a proven team that can develop your complete product and get you to market with the features and style required to make you successful.


Embedded Hardware Design

A2e Technologies has the ability to design custom hardware solutions for its customers. This includes not only standard board design using many of today’s latest processors and peripherals, but also the ability to design custom Field Programmable Gate Array’s (FPGA’s), analog and RF circuitry and more.

FPGA Design

2e Technologies provides industry leading FPGA Consulting Services. We are a Certified Design Partner with Xilinx and a Design Services Network partner with Altera and a design partner with MicroSemi. We are knowledgeable with all the unique features of these technologies and can use our FPGA Consultant experience to design a custom FPGA solution for you.

Embedded Software Design Services

A2e Technologies has the ability to design custom software solutions for its customers. This includes not only writing code to work with standard real-time or embedded operating systems, but also the ability to design to custom OS’s or straight to the metal. We have years of experience implementing embedded code from complex to simple systems. We are embedded software design experts!

PCB Layout

A2e Technologies provides exceptional Printed Circuit Board Design (PCB Layout) services. Our expertise covers minimizing layer count for high-volume low cost products to 30+ layer complex boards. We have the experience and training to correctly design noise sensitive sections of any design.

Manufacturing Services

A2e Technologies (A2e) is an expert at providing lower volume manufacturing services. We provide a full service manufacturing solution for companies that do not have enough volume to interest a larger CM.

A2e can handle everything including warranty of the boards we manufacture. This provides a great solution where the warranty liability that use to be retained by you is passed to A2e and also frees your staff to work on other projects.

In addition, if needed, A2e can help with any end-of-life problems by finding sources for hard to locate parts or providing re-design services utilizing new available technologies.

To learn more about our EOL services please click here: EOL Services Please see below for details on what we provide and how we can help you!