Advanced Electronic Designs


AED provides software and electronic hardware product development services for government agencies and private industry. Our clients return to us for our efficient and innovative design process, ability to meet deadlines and our commitment to quality. We help serve our clients every step of the way, including product definition, electronics hardware design, PCB design and layout, firmware development, custom software development, FPGA/gateware development, and manufacturing support. Our approach to engineering often leads to multiple applications and configurations not initially imagined, turning single products into multi-market opportunities. Our designs can be found from our backyard in Bozeman and Yellowstone National Park, to Times Square in New York City and Edinburgh, Scotland.


Project Definition & Scope

Whether you want a new product developed or you have an existing engineering design challenge, tell us your goals and we’ll ensure you reach them.

We thrive on taking concepts through market product design and product development, beginning with building a transparent communication practice with our clients. We ask the right questions, listen intently, and pool our combined team experience to define your project and provide innovative solutions.

Over the last twenty five years, while working on a diverse array of client challenges, our team has honed their ability to streamline product development through a research and cost analysis approach that leads to the most successful and cost-effective path possible.

As we discover new potential product features along the way, we quickly determine if their value toward reaching your business goals is worth the cost of their development. All of our recommendations come backed with data, experience and a consistent, transparent dialogue with our clients.

And yes, we’ll admit it up front – we’re a bunch of engineering nerds and electronic experts/consultants that seek out the most challenging ideas and projects out there, because we believe just about anything is doable. Give us a call – we’re always up for a conversation.

Electronics Hardware Development

With over 300 hardware design projects in our portfolio, our expertise in circuitry design, system architecture, CAD design services, coding, PCB testing, electronic design, mechanical design and prototype manufacturing, ensures that we have the experience and wherewithal to develop the hardware your project needs to succeed.

We focus on making sure your project requirements line up with the budget, while we create innovative hardware designed for optimal performance and durability.

Our engineering team expertise spans numerous industries including, but not limited to, audio/video, military, medical, consumer electronics and industrial. You can see examples of our designs everywhere from Times Square to Yellowstone National Park.

When it comes to designing circuitry, we’re fluent in numerous types of sensor and hardware technologies, and our experience and knowledge base seems to grow exponentially with every project we take on.

Firmware/FPGA Design

Our in-house firmware experts have a combined 115 years of experience developing firmware that sings with our hardware designs, and we remain one of the few Xilinx Certified Alliance Partners in the northwest. All of our embedded programmers are electrical/computer engineers, and their intimate understanding of the hardware results in more efficient and functional code.

AED specializes in performance optimization; identifying strategic paths, reducing bugs, and even improving existing designs. Whether we’re building a custom FPGA design from the board up, or deconstructing existing schematics to offer our recommendations for improvement, AED has the knowledge to complete your project quickly and accurately.

We perform rigorous testing and verification of our embedded system designs. Bugs are identified early and resolved before the product goes to market. Oftentimes we will even improve the design, mapping more effectual paths or finding innovative ways to reduce power or memory consumption. Find out why AED is trusted to solve the most complex design problems.

Rapid Prototyping & Small-Volume Manufacturing

On a low-volume basis, we’ll happily manufacture for you. If you contract the work elsewhere, we’ll work with the manufacturer to help reduce costs and streamline production. We design, therefore we know your product inside out and will help you reach your goals in any way we can.

We also offer rapid prototyping services so you can have something tangible to demo if your large-scale manufacturer hasn’t fully completed production. Our onsite manufacturing facility allows us to have product built, tested, and in-hand quickly.

Custom Software Development

Whether you require full-cycle development or recovery of a project in the works, we have the experience and resources to see your project through to completion, regardless of complexity…and we build software that looks as good as it functions.

Our expertise includes custom web, desktop, server, and mobile apps; enterprise cloud software design; database design and development; API development

Our seamless team of software developers, graphic designers, engineers, project managers, and requirement analysts all work as one to ensure we adhere to your timeline and budget. And you’ll never have to guess about project status. Our unique documentation process gives you access to real time project progress and changes. By project’s end, you’ll have a complete guide to your new software and ongoing system support, should your requirements change.

Testing & Support

To ensure your product performs reliably and manufacturing defects are kept to a minimum, we design with quality and testability top of mind. Our testers focus on attention to detail and quality assurance, which is why AED boasts a 90% client retention rate, and our staff turnover sits below 1%.

When it comes to test planning and execution, we know how pivotal the testing phase affects the final success of a product. Nothing leaves our facility without being thoroughly inspected and vetted.

As our team develops test plans and documentation, you’re kept in the loop throughout the entire process. We will even build custom test fixtures to verify the manufacturing process.

Our work doesn’t end when we deliver your product. Whether you need help transitioning staff to new technology or require post-implementation support, AED is always just a call away.