DAB-Embedded company is providing a full spectrum of services for electronic product design and production setup:


– Product architecture design;

– Electronics design (Schematic and PCB design services);

– Embedded software design services;

– FPGA/CPLD firmware design;

– Mechanical design (product enclosure, package);

– Board bring up and validation;

– Product validation in the field;

– Mass production support.


Embedded Software Design Service

DAB-Embedded provides a number of services for embedded software design, such as:


– embedded software architecture design;

– per block implementation;

– performance optimization;

– validation of the blocks;

– integration of the blocks;

– full integration tests;

– embedded software test setup;

– preparation for mass volume production (secure bootloader, safe software update).



– Bare metal embedded software;

– Embedded Linux based;

– Android based;




– FreeRTOS;

– SafeRTOS;

– Zephyr RTOS;

and more

Hardware Design Services

– Schematic and PCB design


– Modeling and simulation:


PCB 3D modeling

Thermal simulation

Signal integrity analysis (SI)

Electromagnetic compatibility analysis (EMC)

Power integrity analysis (PI)


– FPGA programming and IP kernel design

– JTAG-testing and MC programming.

FPGA/CPLD Design Services

– System design


– Architecture design


– RTL implementation VHDL/Verilog


– High level synthesis

– Validation on FPGA

Image Vision Systems Design Services

We are developing cameras for various applications, such as drone, retail, industrial machine vision, marine, and ADAS cameras.


DAB-Embedded can support customers with the following:

– Imager selection (Sony, Omnivision, Onsemi, Gpixel, Hamamatsu, Panasonic, Samsung, Teledyne, STMicro, SKHynix, Photonics, AMS, ICHaus, and more);

– Building custom camera module with lenses and autofocus;

– Lens selection for the dedicated tasks;

– Camera enclosure design (plastic, metal);

– Architecture design of the camera;

– Processing unit selection (FPGA or CPU (Nvidia, Amlogic, Ingenic, Rockchip, NXP, TI, and more));

– Development of the image vision processing pipeline (camera RAW data to ISP (Image signal processor) and then to hardware encoders (H.264/265, AV1 and others), overlay data (OSD), AI post-processing);

– Additional software processing blocks integration, such as 1D/2D barcode decoder, item recognition (Ai-based), video recording/parsing;

– Video pipeline performance optimization;

– Video pipeline latency optimization;

– Customization and optimization of Gstreamer pipelines;

– GPU/OpenCL/DSP (Qualcomm Hexagon) video processing acceleration;

– High-level software for video/image transmission (over USB, Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth).

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