Droid Technologies


We are an electronics design company with full cycles of the development from an idea to production. Work with the next chips:

– Xilinx FPGA

– MCU:  stm32F4/F7/H7/M0/L4, Nordic NRF52xx, TI CC3200/2600, Espresive ESP32/8266, Silicon Lab EFR32, Cypres CYW43xx…

– MPU  Allwiner H3/H5/A80/A64, Qualcomm Snapdragon 410/625…


Provide the next hardware design works:
– Schematic design, PCB design
– MCU/MPU/SoC/DSP/FPGA based systems with taking into account,
– ESD/EMI requirements – HDI PCB
– MultiGigabit interfaces
– IBIS/Spice/PI/Thermal Design Verification and Validation results on-site in the lab
– Product Prototyping as well as preparing for manufacturing
– Power supply design