EFF’INNOV Technologies


EFF’INNOV Technologies is a design house specializing in the development and integration of embedded systems with a high level of reliability. For 15 years, we have been helping companies to improve their competitiveness by facilitating access to the latest embedded and connected technologies. We support our customers in their R&D projects through a comprehensive set of solutions and services ranging from consulting and prime contracting to turnkey solutions. The company has been ISO13485-2016 (Medical Devices) certified since 2016.


This offer is based on the expertise of a multi-disciplinary team (architect, hardware, software, RF), a fully equipped RF, electronics & reliability Laboratory as well as a network of partners (technological, university, industrial, mechanical). We provide services for:


– Preliminary studies

– Product development (hardware, software, mechanical) with an industrial approach

– RF design, EMC testing, DFx, reliability

– Industrialization & production ramp-up


Consulting and Expertise

The technical directions taken upstream of projects, some of which are ‘strategic,’ can have significant consequences on the success and performance of operations. Our experts help you efficiently achieve the set objectives.


Our most common Consulting & Expertise assignments include:


– Project scoping to clarify project objectives and constraints, determine the optimal project trajectory, identify and classify stakeholders…

– Technological brainstorming sessions to identify innovative solutions

– Preliminary studies: Feasibility, architecture, energy budget, cost estimation/optimization

– Design review: architecture, schematics, layout, validation plans

– Evaluation of compliance and completeness of documentation

– Legacy software quality assessment and remediation plan

– Requirements definition & management

– Risk identification and management according to ISO14971

– Do or Buy decision

– EN62304 training

Hardware Design

Our hardware design services include design and development for electronics and embedded systems, including PCB layout, on various technologies such as:



– NFC (NXP, STM), RFID, LoRa, WiFi, BT, BLE, ZigBee, UWB, 3G, 4G, NB-IoT, LTE-M, IoT-SAT, GNSS, ISM (433/868MHz)

– iMX, ARM, MIPS, DSP, AM3358, SMP8759

– ARM/Cortex, 8051, NXP, STM, Intel, Microchip, Renesas, Infineon

– Energy harvesting, antenna design

– DAC/ADC, sensors and MEMS

– Power supply AC/DC, PoE, Filtering


We integrate industrial constraints from the very beginning and for medical devices, design comply with EN 60601 (a group of standards covering the safety and essential performance), depending on the project, the main activities are:


– Specifications (requirements, test)

– DFx study

– Architecture design /detailed design (technical justification)

– Schematic

– Mechanical integration study

– Placement /layout

– Prototype manufacturing & bring-up

– EMC/ESD/RED testing in our lab

– Certification support

Software Development

We provide software development services on various environment and technologies such as:


– Languages: C/C++/C# Java, .NET, Python, Qt, Javacard

– Development Environments: Eclipse, Visual Studio, Keil, Qt Creator, MPLAB, IAR, Labview

– Operating Systems: Linux, Windows

– RTOS: FreeRTOS, Zephyr, SafeRTOS

– Embedded Linux, Android, MicroEJ

– Protocols: TCP/IP, UDP, UPnP, SNMP, Ethernet, CAN

– ISOBUS (ISO 11783)


We pay particular attention to the quality and maintainability of the software we develop (specification, architecture, detailed design, static analysis, Test-Driven development, test coverage).


The development methodology is adapted to the project context (from Agile to full V cycle).


For medical devices, software are classified and developed according to EN62304 (Medical device software life cycle processes) or FDA Quality System Regulation.

RF Design, Testing & Measurement

The performance of wireless devices heavily relies on the design and integration of the RF components.


We have the expertise and resources to support you in this area:


– RF Design: Design of radio-frequency electronic systems such as HF to SHF amplifiers, filters, frequency generators, printed antennas, etc.

– Antenna Matching: Measurement of antenna matching to verify the link budget between the receiver and the transmitter, as well as the system’s power consumption.

– Antenna Radiation Pattern: Evaluation of shadow areas where the antenna receives little or no signal.

– Conducted Power and Harmonics Measurements: Verification that the expected emission powers are achieved and ensuring that the product complies with the limits required by various standards related to spectrum usage.

– Reliability testing to assess electronic device durability through rigorous stress tests.


We have a RF measurement and reliability laboratory capable of conducting measurements up to 20 GHz and fully equipped (Faraday cage, semi-anechoic chamber, ovens ranging from -40°C to +125°C, spectrum and modulation analyzers, signal generators, power meters, network analyzers).


A dedicated RF department with over 20 years of experience in the field.

Industrialization and Production Ramp-Up Support

The goal is to define and set up the industrial resources required for production ramp-up. This activity is usually carried out with the industrial partner and runs in parallel with the development phases.


Depending on the need, the activities carried out are:

– Analysis and optimization of the BoM (supply lead times and obsolescence)

– Review and optimization of placement/layout (CMS report, manual insertion, AOI/In-situ test)

– Development and optimization of testing methods (AOI, in-situ, functional)

– Analysis of equivalence requests

– Obsolescence management

– Operator training

– Definition of labels

– Supplier management


Technical support is provided until the validation of the industrial process, materialized by the launch of a first pre-production run and the validation of the reference sample.

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