eInfochips (An Arrow Company)

United States

eInfochips works as a co-development partner for many product companies, across multiple industry verticals, requiring custom services in embedded systems development. Our focus on engineering innovation and excellence enabled us to realize many product designs and solutions for our clients.


Hardware Design: With more than 20 years of experience in designing mission-critical and consumer-grade embedded hardware designs services, eInfochips is well poised to make products which are smaller, faster, reliable, efficient, intelligent and economical. We have worked on hardware designs for cockpit display units, wearables, medical devices, industrial grade products, video processing units, cameras, surveillance devices and several more.


System Software: eInfochips has in-depth expertise in the areas of firmware development for embedded systems. We offer end-to-end support for firmware development starting from system requirements to testing for quality and environment. eInfochips develops BSPs to reflect the CPU and peripherals of the generic OS interfaces. Our BSPs are developed to provide complete functionality that can enable interface between different system components.


Multimedia: eInfochips has a rich experience in creating and handling Multimedia content that includes video, audio, images, speech, and text. With a comprehensive portfolio of multimedia capture-process-store-stream-display lifecycle and innovative IPs, we can enable advanced solutions in multimedia.


ASIC, FPGA Design and Development – Silicon Engineering Services

eInfochips provides high quality design service for ASIC and FPGA, Verification and Validation, Physical design, DFT-DFM and other related silicon engineering services. Enabled many innovative solutions with hundreds of successful tape-outs for semiconductor companies, across 180nm to 10 nm geometries.

Hardware Design – Embedded System Engineering Services

eInfochips provides high quality embedded hardware design solutions and services, including system software, system verification and validation in latest design tools, certifications.

System Software

eInfochips provides expertise in system architecture and hardware/software partitioning, BSP, driver and firmware development, OS porting and customization, performance tuning, and embedded UI design.

Software Engineering

eInfochips software engineering team taking complete ownership of the product line including SDLC processes, SOA implementation, Product localization, Multimedia integration, and test automation and management.

New Product Development

eInfochips provides a complete new product development from conceptualization, analysis, detailed engineering, and prototyping, testing and manufacturing support.