ELMG Digital Power

USA and New Zealand

ELMG Digital Power provides design and development for FPGA and microprocessor systems with specialist expertise in power converters and their control. Extensive expertise in FPGA and processor hardware and code, system design, verification, power converter design, EMC, CE, and UL compliance. Our hardware, embedded software, FPGA, and QA and testing teams ensure that the product is a great solution. Our values are openness, directness and respect.


FPGA Design

Expertise in FPGA includes experience with AMD Xilinx, Intel, and Microchip FPGA and CPLD. The team’s expertise includes architecture, RTL design in VHDL and Verilog, verification with simulation Modelsim, GHDL, and UUVM, timing closure and fitting the design into the lowest cost device. Expertise with Zynq SoC and Ultrascale SoC, Spartan 3, Spartan 6, Spartan 7, Cyclone and Polarfire. AMD Xilinx Alliance Partners.



Embedded Software Design

Our embedded systems expertise includes Texas Instruments Ti C2000, Microchip PIC, Analog Devices AD, and STM32. Our CI/CD process includes unit testing, integration testing and automatic testing on hardware ensuring excellent code quality. Applications include DC to DC control, Inverters, Motor Drives, Communication links, Audio Systems, Safety Critical and Medical Devices.

Specialized Communication Links Design

Our specialized communications links design service provides robust, reliable communication along with exceptionally low jitter (< 5ns) timing recovery synchronization for distributed power converters or other applications where timing recovery and synchronization is necessary. These are implemented in small low-cost Xilinx, Intel, Altera, or Microchip FPGA and typically use fiber optic or electrical connection.



Power Electronics Design

We design power converters from 1W to 100MW and from voltages 0.5V to 500kV. These meet all safety and EMC requirements.


Power converter control implemented in Xilinx FPGA, Xilinx SoC, Texas Ti C2000 Intel FPGA, Altera FPGA and SoC. Controllers for mains AC to DC, 50Hz, 60Hz, 400Hz, DC to DC, Dual Active Bridge, LLC, Forward, Flyback, DC to AC inverters, EV chargers, EV motor control, induction motor control, PMSM control, BLDC control.



Pre-Production and Small Run Manufacturing

Our small run manufacture service is useful when you need two hundred or one of your products regularly. Our quality control, build and test can extend to supplying consistently high quality, well proven small volume product.

PCB Design and Layout for Power Converter and Power Electronics Digital Controller

Our layout team have design expertise in Power Converter PCB Layouts where there are high voltages, large currents and EMC issues. Our team’s expertise includes designing single PCB for power converters and the embedded controllers.



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