Faststream Technologies


We are a solution partner to organizations from start-ups to large corporations across verticals, helping them focus on their business prospects rather than getting into hassles of product realization with our design, development, and validation capabilities. With our in-house expertise for hardware, firmware, device drivers, middleware, cloud, and mobile, we help our customers launch intelligent, scalable, and interoperable connected solutions complying with quality matrices idea to realization.


We are passionate about delivering well-organized, inventive, and world-class solutions, with a focus on Healthcare, Aerospace, Semiconductor, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Home Automation, telecommunications, Security, Retail, and E-commerce.


Our Semiconductor engineering team carries expertise in transforming design specs into marketable products, with IP core and SoC design services that include RTL design, Physical Design, Circuit Design, Layout, and Simulation & Verification for digital and Analog/mixed-signal semiconductors. For today’s challenges, embedded processor SOC specifications, the Faststream team delivers all the required firmware/embedded software, positioning us as a turnkey ‘concept-to-product’ design company.


Hardware Design

Faststream Technologies delivers the finest Hardware Design Services. Our product engineering services include board design, PCB layout, programmable logic, and enclosure designs that integrate FPGAs, DSPs, microprocessors, and complicated RF, analog, and power systems, from the basic architecture phase through production support.

Embedded Development

Faststream Technologies is a leading-edge technology firm offering development/Consulting services in the area of Verification and debugging/ Firmware and Device Driver development/  Multimedia on embedded system/ OS Porting BPS Development/ Middleware and API Custom API Development/ Applications and UX Development/ MAC OS – X Development Services/Embedded Linux/Android kernel/ RTOS/ FPGA. Faststream Technologies also provide application development services, testing, and validation services, and diagnostic services in related areas.


Following are some of our example works.


  • Linux/Android BSP configuring, building, binary preparation, flashing, and validating on the Hardware.
  • RTOS and Linux-based platforms in Device drivers and application development.
  • Device driver developments (I2C/SPI/UART based bus driver preparation)
  • Camera/Image Sensor driver developments/ Kernel video framework (V4L2)
  • Design and implementation of Linux device driver for 802.11 a/ b / g chipset.
  • Enhancements/Bug fixing for WHQL certification of 802.11 a/b/ g chipset driver on Windows.
  • Windows device driver for Wireless USB.
  • Windows device driver for PCMCIA/CF 802.16/WIMAX device with support for firmware download, ARP spoofing, IP mode/Ethernet mode operation, and connection management.
  • Support for Quality of service in the form of priority queues and Leaky bucket algorithm.
  • 1x/EAP/AKA supplicant protocol on Windows for WIMAX device.
  • Linux device driver for PCMCIA/CF 802.16/WiMAX device.Windows device driver for USB 802.16/WiMAX device.

IoT Product Development

With the increasing number of connected devices and the massive amount of data being collected, the company will be in charge of leveraging the power of IoT and related devices, primarily to gather, inspect, and gain understanding in order to improve new products and solutions, build product capabilities, plan marketing messages, and collect business data, among other things. Faststream Technologies offers high-end Internet of Things (IoT) product development services to address real-world problems in a variety of industries.


We can help you broaden your IoT strategy to include linked automotive systems, intelligent workspace, smart wearable devices, smart homes, buildings, and cities at Faststream Technologies. Using our core IoT platform, which is a comprehensive, highly secure, and highly authentic applications platform.

RTL design

Faststream‘s RTL design engineers have in-depth experience in various aspects of the RTL design flow on chips used in the networking, processors, multimedia, mobile and automotive industries.


Our team possesses how to balance current design techniques with standard IPs and with varying experience ranging from 2 to 10 years on designs going up to multi-million gates. As a result, Faststream Technologies earned a reputation in the Semiconductor Industry as the leading RTL design services provider for highly complex designs.

Design For Test

We provide high-quality testing employing several forms of DFT technologies for increased test quality and yield, in addition to compressed scan, memory BIST, and boundary scan DFT (Design for Testability). Faststream Technologies persuades Design for Test services to aid you in resolving these issues by establishing a Design for Test strategy with Tessent Connect that results in enhanced DFT execution quality and shorter time-to-market.


Faststream Technologies has deep expertise in Analog, Mixed-Signal (AMS Design) Wireless, and RF Design services. It covers amplifiers, signal condition, passive and active filter, PLLs, audio processing, low-noise design, micro power design, A/D, D/A conversion, and many more related areas.


We have sound experience from DC to low GHz microwave frequencies. Besides this, we are prominent in designing wireless devices that operate in the 2.4 GHz Industrial, Scientific, and Medical ISM band.