FP Instruments


Kickstart your product idea with our team, driven by curiosity and passion!


FP Instruments (FPI) designs custom electronics, manufactures prototypes and takes care of production. From small IoT design services to complex A.I. data processing projects, all available under one roof. With over 60 completed projects and an average of more than 2 projects per client, high quality and on-time delivery is ensured with us. FP Instruments is also valued by its clients for our proactive approach and capability to execute projects autonomously, ability to build effective working relations and our integrity and discipline.


Areas of our expertise include digital and analogue circuits, DSPs and FPGAs, embedded systems, multilayer PCB design, wired and wireless communication technologies and design for EMC compatibility (local labs). Importantly, software development for your new hardware platform will be a breeze with us. We are backed by a large software house – Future Processing – with impressive and vast skills, which in fact are quite useful to have next door when designing products from concept, through prototype to production.


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Electronic Product Design

The complexity of electronic product design requires a high level of expertise. 15 years ago, our team members have started designing commercial electronic products. Since then, we have developed and built a solid knowledge base. Products designed by FP Instruments have reached a number of markets saving our customers time, money and hassle and allow them to concentrate on their core competencies and sales.


Areas of expertise

  • Digital and analogue circuits
  • DSPs and FPGAs
  • Multilayer PCB design
  • Linear and nonlinear control algorithms
  • Variety of wireless technologies and more!


To learn more about designing electronic products with us, visit Electronic Product Design site.

Embedded System Design

Our firmware engineers are focused on building high performance, embedded and signal processing systems. We provide stand­alone embedded software (firmware) or implement embedded operating systems or real-­time operating systems. We offer a wide range of design, development and support services for embedded systems during all the phases of the product life cycle.



  • Wireless (GPRS, RFID, Bluetooth and more)
  • Wired (CAN, Ethernet, USB, SATA and more)

Embedded processors

  • AM17xx, AM18xx, AM335x (ARM11, Cortex A8)
  • MSP430
  • STM32, Stellaris (Cortex M3/M4) and more

Operating systems

  • Linux (including Real Time extensions)
  • ECOS
  • uC/OS and more

Programming languages

  • C, C++ (Qt)
  • Verilog/VHDL
  • Oracle/Matlab and more

Read more about our skills and supported technologies on Embedded System Design site.

Prototyping and Production

Together with our highly experienced partners and reliable electronic component suppliers we have created a flexible and quality conscious environment for prototyping and batch production. We have access to various manufacturing technologies and have a very good support from component suppliers both for prototyping and for batch production. Learn more about prototyping, batch production and secure manufacturing on Prototyping and Production site.

Software Development

We design PC applications you can use to communicate with your equipment for your own or customer purpose. In addition, we deliver ready installation files that you can distribute together with hardware.


Having a long-lasting partnership with a renowned software design house – Future Processing – allowing us to do deliver streamlined project experience even if your product requires advanced software.

Casing Design

We allow our experienced designers to express the best of their imagination, and then, to transfer their creative thoughts and ideas onto the paper designs. Subsequently, the design is confronted with various constraints and at that time, the second revision is drawn and approved. Afterwards, we let the CAD designers to make it manufacturable. Eventually, we adapt electronics to suit the artist’s initial vision to deliver a complete product.


Production technologies

  • Metal casing (slicing, bending, milling, welding, laser cutting and much more)
  • Plastic casing (3D printing, off-the-shelf case modifications and more)