Franklin Innovation


Decades of electronic design experience. Including aerospace electronic solutions, hospital medical equipment, industrial test & monitoring systems, specialty instruments for laboratory experiments and research.  We help you develop your product requirements, then we turn your idea into a functional prototype for your review. Franklin Innovated is located in Bozeman, Montana.


Define Scope of Requirements

The absolutely first step is to flush out the scope of the requirements for your project.


We can complete this for you via review of your wants and needs.  We discuss the costs, time and advantages/disadvantages of each want/need to assist you in solidifying the scope of requirements.


This is a very important first step, so it is essential to spend the appropriate amount of time developing this scope.  It can be very costly and delay the project if significant or numerous changes are made once the project development begins.


The result of this work to define the requirements is the “Project Acceptance Criteria”.  This criteria basically defines the deliverable that the client will find acceptable.

System Design

This is the top down design process that focuses on all of the system blocks (hardware, software, user interface, embedded controller, etc.) that need designed and developed.


Our systems engineering process is one of our greatest strengths.  We have the experience and capability to isolate and design each block in a way that optimizes the performance and supportability of each block.

Electronic Hardware Design

This is our specialty by way of education, and decades of design experience serving the government and private industry.


We design each electronic hardware block utilizing commercial-off-the-shelf products in order to leverage proven technology.  This reduces costs and lead-times, while greatly increases supportability.


For those requirements that may not be fulfilled utilizing COTS parts, we often develop custom electronic hardware.  While we enjoy these challenging design opportunities, we always try to limit it, due to the great advantages of utilizing COTS components.

Electronic Prototypes

We have the experience and tool set required to complete the design, assembly and test of custom prototypes.


Most of this work is done in-house to speed the process along.  However, at times we do leverage suppliers that can help us utilize the latest technologies and capabilities without significant cost or delay.

Software Coding

All software code is first designed with detailed flow charts.  This does require a bit of time, but the paybacks are huge.


Flow charts allow everyone on the project to see the flow of the software, and help to verify acceptable operation.


Flow charts enable the designer to flush out all of the code requirements, and document the precise operation of the complex code to follow.


Only experienced software code programmers can make any sense of the code, so the flow chart is the only way for everyone to “see” what the code is doing.


And finally, the flow charts allow the programmer to write the code in blocks, isolating each block for detailed debug/testing.


But the best advantage of the flow charts … it makes for much faster coding, and much less debug/testing.

Technical Support

We take pride in our client base that returns for their next project as well.  We know that clients want a person to answer the phone/email with a prompt reply that addresses the client request.


Your request will be addressed by an experienced and knowledgeable electronic designer, every time.

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