HQ NextPCB and HQ Online are the overseas trading brands of Shenzhen Huaqiu (HQ) Electronics Co. Ltd., a reliable multi-layer PCB manufacturer and assembly house. Their capabilities include up to 32 layer boards, blind and buried vias up to HDI 3, custom stack-ups, full turnkey assembly and more via a smart quotation platform with dedicated one-to-one support. Founded in 2009, NextPCB’s passion for fast, reliable and affordable full-featured electronics manufacturing has driven NextPCB to innovate and modernize the electronics manufacturing industry. NextPCB developed and maintains the software HQDFM, a groundbreaking tool for designers to analyze PCB Gerber files and detect design issues. Over 300,000 users around the world already choose NextPCB. Try them for your next design at HQ NextPCB.com and see how they can accelerate your workflow.


PCB Manufacture

3 major factories catering to Prototype PCB manufacture, Mass Production and PCB assembly.


With our commitment to reliability, we only use high-end materials and equipment from across the globe including Taiwanese electroplating lines, digital ink-jet silkscreen printers, German flying probe testers, Shengyi A-grade copper cores and Sun solder mask oils.


– Up to 32 layers

– HDI blind/buried via boards

– Up to 4oz copper

– Customizable impedance and more

– Advanced Online Quotation System

Turnkey PCB Assembly

Complete full-feature turnkey PCB assembly for all requirements from prototyping to mass production including reliable PCB manufacture, parts sourcing and assembly with Design for Assembly (DFA) review.


Take advantage of superior global parts sourcing capabilities, or choose from 600k in-stock parts for expedited PCB assembly from 7 working days.


AOI, x-ray inspection, conformal coating, functional testing and FCC/CE certification services are also available. Talk to us about your needs and we’ll tailor our services to you.


– Functional Testing Services

– Environmental Testing Services

– Free Engineering Design for Assembly Review (DFA)

– FCC/CE Certification Assistance

– Firmware Flashing Services

Electronics Components Distributor

One of China’s largest Distributors of Electronics Components based in the Silicon Valley of Hardware, Shenzhen, HQ Online leverages a mature supply chain to provide some of the industry’s lowest prices from trustworthy sources.


In addition, HQ Electronics offers seamless procurement from major distributors including Digikey, Mouser, Element14, Arrow, Verical, Avnet, RS Components, Rochester Electronics and more thanks to smart integrations and established global procurement infrastructure.


– Over 600,000 parts from 3000+ Asian and global brands in stock now for fast delivery

– Industry competitive prices thanks to a mature supply chain and procurement capabilities. Straight from the manufacturer or batch prices.

– Authenticity Guaranteed. Fakes, second-hand and refurbished parts are strictly forbidden


Check for over 20 different PCB design for Manufacture problems with one click.


New Design for Assembly (DFA) features including BOM and footprint checker and over 150 detailed DFA checks.


Inbuilt tools for designers including quick panelization tool, impedance calculator, BOM and Gerber comparison tools and IPC Netlist tools


Supports Gerber RS-274x, X2 and OBD++ files


Instant pricing and fast-track ordering provided by HQ NextPCB

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