Instigate Design


Instigate Design is an engineering company providing development services in various areas. The scope of services includes all stages of product development: problem statement definition, architecture design, implementation, validation and verification of the solutions. Instigate Design was founded in 2006. We have had 50+ customers and 250+ projects in EU, Japan, Singapore and USA


Multidisciplinary talented team and high performance standards ensure the quality of our services. The company’s quality management system is ISO 9001:2015 certified.


Areas of Expertise

  • System level design and verification of FPGA/GPU based complex systems
  • Embedded systems development
  • Electronic Design Automation software: FPGA design toolchain, system level debugger, etc
  • Design development and verification of custom software solutions: automation solutions for biotechnology, architecture CAD, etc
  • Compiler development
  • Quality assurance: verification and validation of SW and HW systems
  • EDA: FPGA System Level Debugger; AXI Bus Performance Analysis; FPGA Design Toolchain;


Complex Systems Design and Development

– System level design and verification of FPGA/GPU based complex systems

– Hardware-Software co-design

– System level verification against system specification

– Application engineering of FPGA-based systems

– Algorithms acceleration by offloading to FPGA

Embedded SW development

– Programming of microcontrollers,

– Firmware development – close to HW programming,

– Compilers development for specific architectures,

– Linux kernel and driver customization.

Electronic Design Automation

– FPGA design toolchain development – Mapping, Place and Route, Static Timing Analysis

– System level design tools development

– Run-time analysis tools development

Custom Software Solutions

– Data analysis and visualization

– Automated solutions for biotechnologies, CAD solutions, etc

– Software development tools and frameworks

– AI solutions

Quality Assurance

– Verification and validation of SW and HW applications and libraries

– Configuration management

– Automated test environments

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