iWave Systems Technologies


iWave looks back with pride at nearly two decades of technological experience resolving technical complexities that enables large corporations to focus on their core competencies and succeed by shortening their product development life cycle. iWave is a midsized, well-coordinated company located in Bangalore with 200+ passionate staff. iWave focuses on standard / custom System On Modules, SBC, HMI Solutions product development and comprehensive Engineering design services involving embedded hardware, FPGA and software development in servicing to multiple domains across the globe such as Industrial, Medical, Automotive, IoT and Computer Vision.


The company has also been prospered as being a FPGA design house with an extensive variety of FPGA IP Cores and FPGA design services. iWave provides customized BSP’s (Board support packages) for Linux, Android and Windows Embedded Compact, which are developed in-house. This enables iWave to support its customers with the BSP’s for various OS platforms in unison with the hardware.


Hardware Design Services

iWave offers system level solutions with VME / VPX based backplanes / Custom backplanes. Our vast in-house expertise in Hardware Board Design Services, Software Development, FPGA Design Services & Mechanical Enclosure Design enables us in providing complete system solutions.


iWave engages in embedded board design services, hardware development solutions based on Embedded Controllers / Processors / DSP that includes Low and High Speed Design, in-house Multilayer PCB Design, Signal integrity & other required analysis and Testing. The PCB Fabrication and Assembly activities are done through our reliable Partners. iWave has proven experience in developing Complex designs compliance to the standard small form factor such as Qseven, Pico ITX, Micro MXM, SODIMM, etc., and also custom design. Also, iWave has vast experience in taking the design from engineering samples to mass production.

Software Design Services

iWave has experience in working with wide range of platforms from 8 bit microcontrollers to 32 / 64 bit, single and multi-core, RISC and CISC processor. On these platforms, we have seamlessly executed / run various operating systems like simple free RTOS, Linux, Android, Windows Embedded, INTEGRITY RTOS, QNX, iTron and VxWorks. iWave has proficiency in providing end to end solutions, embedded software development solutions and developing and customizing BSP for industrial, medical and automation domains.


iWave offers various Embedded Systems Software Design & Development Services such as


  • Board Bring Up with Boot loader, OS and File system
  • Porting OS / RTOS across various platform
  • Device Driver Development & Porting
  • Third Party Stack and its application Porting
  • Wireless technologies like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, BLE
  • Multimedia: Video and Audio Encoders/Decoder

FPGA Design Services

iWave offers comprehensive design solutions in areas of FPGA and HDL. Our FPGA services include Design / Development, RTL coding, Test suite development and Testing / Verification. We provide turnkey services including High Speed Bus interfaces, video processing, Data Acquisition, Mobile Security and Multi-million gates complex designs. Our FPGA expertise facilitates you for doing the ASIC proof of concept (POC) in FPGA and validating on the target platform.


Apart from offering FPGA design iWave is a leading licensor of extensive variety of FPGA IP Cores for Storage, Broadcast, Military, Automotive, Medical & Industry applications. iWave redesigns all IP Portfolios consistently to meet the market demands. Some of the pre-dominant IP Core such as ARINC 818-2, ARINC 818-2 Switch IP, SATA 3.0 Host, SD/SDIO 3.0 Host Controller, SD 3.0 Memory Slave Controller, sFPDP, etc.,


Our FPGA team, follows the well-defined implementation procedures starting from requirement specification to target testing.