Logic Design Solutions


Logic Design Solutions provides FPGA Design Services, NVME IP, SATA IP, RECORDER IP, ARINC 429 IP, and DO254 methodology to FPGA customers.


» Logic Design Solutions has deep knowledge in FPGA & IP design. We have an expertise in high speed designs and  over 20 years’ experience in FPGA/PLD Design.


» Logic Design Solutions develops IP for FPGA, like NVMe IP, SATA IP, Recorder IP and provides engineering services ranging from consulting to product development. Every IP is simulated in order to guarantee all requirements and features. A data sheet and a demo project are provided with every IP.


» Customers’ Logic Design Solutions are provided with a phone hotline and e-mail support to answer questions about the operation and application of its products.


» Logic Design Solutions’ IP are an excellent value. Our competitive pricing enables customers to decide easily either purchasing or developing.