Logic Fruit Technologies Inc.


Logic Fruit Technologies(LFT), founded in 2009, with a focus on working with our customers on high-speed protocols like PCIe, ethernet, display port, etc has developed and delivered 100+ products/solutions to our customers in Test and Measurement, Telecommunication, Aerospace&Defence. We are partner and vendor to all four major FPGA companies.


We are doing investigation, feasibility study, and architecture development with our customers followed by complete development of the system, by utilizing our highly capable teams in hardware development, RTL development, software development and quality assurance.


As of now our team has been working on PCIe Gen5/6, CXL2.0, eCPRI, JESD204C and display port2.0 interfaces. The team also has deep expertise in signal processing for wireless and imaging based solution, software-defined radio (SDR), as well as encryption, protocol compliance, signal generation, data analysis, IoT technology, and multiple image processing techniques.


Our focus industries include Test&Measurement, Aerospace&Defence, and Telecommunication.


Investigation, Feasibility study and Architecture development

Having a detailed understanding of requirements is one of the key requirements for a successful engagement.

Our highly experienced engineering team works with customers to understand the requirements, followed by detailed investigation, and feasibility study to assess the quantum of work and risks.

We prepare a detailed requirement document, propose possible architecture and tradeoff to take care of the systems with respect to initial requirements.

Detailed requirement are sent to the respective team for design and implementation.

Mixed Signal Hardware Development


At Logic Fruit Technologies we have expertise in working with high density & high-speed board with SoC and FPGA as major components. We have a strong history of having hardware work on 1st version of design.


Hardware Design Services includes:

– System Architecture Design

– Component Selection

– Schematic Design

– PCB Layout Design

– Signal Integrity Simulation and Verification

– Gerber Generation and Verification

– Board bring up

– System Integration

– In house Component Procurement Team

– PCB Fabrication with Third Party

– PCB Assembly with Third Party

– Manual Testing

RTL Development

We are one of the most experienced team in developing FPGA centric systems and are working closely with FPGA companies Xilinx, Lattice and Achronix. Having developed various protocol controllers like PCIe, CPRI, Display Port, we can architect, implement and debug very complex designs. Our FPGA design services include micro-architecture, RTL coding, IP integration, rapid prototyping, DSP algorithm implementation, verification, and validation.


RTL Development Services includes:


– Micro architecture definition

– RTL IP development

– RTL IP integration

– Functional simulation

– Design synthesis and timing closure

– Debugging with in-circuit logic analyzer

– System validation

– Retargeting services: FPGA-to-FPGA, ASIC-to-FPGA

Software Design and Development

Any computing system is incomplete without software. Logic Fruit has a big team of doing software development for various layers, starting from BSP, OS, device drivers, middleware and application software.

Our team has worked on various processor architecture like X86, powerPC, ARM  etc and OS such as  Windows, Linux, VxWorks etc.


Software Design and Development Services includes:


  • OS porting /development: Embedded Linux, openWRT, VxWorks, freeRTOS, integrity OS,
  • Bootloader development/porting for different architecture platforms, boot time optimization, driver development.
  • Driver development: Bus drivers(Ethernet, PCIe, HDMI, SRAM, DDRx, USB, UART, I2C, SPI etc), Wifi drivers, audio & video drivers, camera sensor drivers, display drivers, eMMC drivers, EEPROM drivers, MAC drivers, ethernet switch drivers etc
  • Porting software stack on different hardware/OS with optimal performance & minimal memory footprint.
  • Experience on processor technology of Intel,power PC, analog devices and ARM
  • Development tools – JTAG, emulators, simulators, cross compilers

Turnkey Product Development

With over a decade of experience in developing high complexity, high performance systems, LFT has developed deep expertise in developing complex embedded systems. Our comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach (hardware, software and mechanical integration) for development allows us to foresee potential design risks and challenges at integration stage and take necessary actions to mitigate them. We provide turnkey development service for products in various industries requiring high-compute embedded systems. We have served customers across a wide range of industries like, aerospace & defence, test & measurement, telecom, and semiconductor. With experienced professional, technological expertise, and industry know-how we also assist to accelerate product development and reduce time-to-market.