Logic Fruit Technologies Inc.


Logic Fruit Technologies(LFT), founded in 2009, with a focus on working with our customers on high-speed protocols like PCIe, ethernet, display port, etc has developed and delivered 100+ products/solutions to our customers in Test and Measurement, Telecommunication, Aerospace&Defence. We are partner and vendor to all four major FPGA companies.


We are doing investigation, feasibility study, and architecture development with our customers followed by complete development of the system, by utilizing our highly capable teams in hardware development, RTL development, software development and quality assurance.


As of now our team has been working on PCIe Gen5/6, CXL2.0, eCPRI, JESD204C and display port2.0 interfaces. The team also has deep expertise in signal processing for wireless and imaging based solution, software-defined radio (SDR), as well as encryption, protocol compliance, signal generation, data analysis, IoT technology, and multiple image processing techniques.


Our focus industries include Test&Measurement, Aerospace&Defence, and Telecommunication.

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