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Mistral is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company offering end-to-end embedded design services that help product developers translate ideas into innovative, feature-rich products that can be brought to market faster


As an embedded product design company, we offer product innovation, technical feasibility, product development, Engineering analysis and prototyping. From concept to execution, our embedded product design services assist developers through all or any stage of your product development life cycle regardless of application, technology, platform, or context. We have over the years helped customers commercially deploy more than 100+ products.


Our embedded product design services include Hardware Design, PCB Layout and Analysis, FPGA Design, BSP and Firmware (Linux, Android, RTEMS), middleware, application development, Testing and Validation, product prototyping, production coordination and product lifecycle support.  Our expert design and development services for small footprint, power-optimized designs that cater to a wide range of applications such as WearablesInternet of Things (IoT)Medical ElectronicsHome and Industrial Automation, Defense and Aerospace, Drones and UAVsAssistive Technology and Infotainment.


PCB Layout and Analysis

Mistral offers custom PCB Design Services consisting of high-speed, digital and mixed-signal PCB layouts for VME, VPX, cPCI, PCIe, XMC bus architectures for various consumer, industrial, aerospace and defense applications. Our PCB Layout and Analysis Services includes PCB Design, Power Integrity Analysis Services, Signal Integrity Analysis Services, Structural Analysis Services and Thermal analysis Services.


We have over the years designed complex multi-processor MIL-STD-compliant, multi-layer boards and complex small footprint PCBs with proven design methodologies, processes and quality checks. Our PCB layout design services team has designed & deployed over 10,000 PCBs in the market, including 100+ MIL standard Class-3 PCB and HDI PCB assemblies.


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Electronic Hardware Design

From the initial architecture stage all the way to manufacturing support, Mistral provides embedded hardware design services for product development which include PCB layoutboard designprogrammable logic and enclosure designs integrating FPGAs, DSPs, microprocessors, and complex RF, analog, and power systems to realize the complete hardware design and development for a given application. Our complete suite of custom hardware design and development services include PCB layout and analysis, analog design, digital design, power optimization, FPGA design, RF and wireless design.


With more than 20+ years of experience in offering embedded hardware design services for aerospace, defense and a wide variety of commercial applications, Mistral has the expertise to help customers with hardware design and development services which ensuring cost effective, compact, faster, reliable, and efficient hardware. We offer PCB Layout and hardware board design services for design and manufacture of high-quality System on Modules, Development Platforms and custom embedded hardware that meet customer expectations of reliability, performance, and cost. We are today a leading provider of board design services for embedded end products and applications.


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FPGA Design Services

Mistral has over two decades of experience in FPGA design services, offering advanced and integrated embedded solutions using FPGAs. Our FPGA Digital Signal Processing expertise includes FPGA RTL Design, Signal Processing and Video/Vision Algorithm Acceleration, ASIC and IP Verification using UVM Methodology and ASIC Support Services. Over the years, Mistral’s FPGA Design Services team has designed and deployed a wide range of FPGA Digital Signal Processing solutions such as Video Capture & Processing systems, Network Acceleration IPs, Radar Processors, DF Systems, Imaging Radars, custom IP Cores and more for leading Consumer Electronics OEMs, Aerospace & Defence customers.


Our FPGA and Signal Processing Design services include designing, building and deploying customized solutions based on Xilinx, Actel, Altera, Quicklogic and Lattice FPGAs, which integrate both custom FPGA Design, firmware and hardware engineering. We FPGA Design Services based on current generation high-density, high-performance FPGAs that come in three-dimensional silicon and use stacked silicon interconnect technology.


Our FPGA Design Services team has extensive expertise in digital signal processing with field programmable gate arrays for various protocols in Networking and Routing, Storage, Video and Vision Acceleration. Our FPGA Design services team has hybrid skills on RTL coding, MATLAB, C/C++ which can help customer accelerate existing software or algorithms using FPGA.


Mistral also has a dedicated FPGA Design Services team for VIP (Verification IP) development and validation, IP & VIP integration and IP & SOC verification.


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RF Design Services

Mistral’s RF Designs combine board and system design services to provide complete end-to-end solutions like RADARElectronics WarfareTelemetryAutomotive etc. Our RF design services team has wide-ranging expertise with wireless and RF designs as we understand the inherent trade-offs needed in these designs. Our RF design services include wireless communication, wide band radars, mmWave RADARS, telemetry and other defense and aerospace applications.


Our RF design services team adopts a highly-disciplined development approach towards RF Designs, starting with a comprehensive requirement document followed by a feasibility study to reduce identified risks. This leads to circuit design, simulation, modeling and prototyping. A comprehensive test plan for RF designs is developed and used to ensure that the resulting design meets the requirement specification.


Our RF Designs includes design and development of transceivers, transmitters, Amplifiers, Wind band RADARS, RF Antenna Design Services, T/R Modules and RF module designs like diplexers, synthesizers, modulators, up-converters, down-converters, filters, RF switch matrices.


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Embedded Software Development

The embedded software team at Mistral has an in-depth knowledge of low-level system software, a thorough understanding of hardware, and deep familiarity of the OS internals. Together, these three provide the team with the requisite expertise in firmware BSP and device driver development. The team can analyze custom hardware and create the software package required to optimize both the development process and the behavior of the customer’s deployed device.


Mistral has vast expertise in BSP development and device driver development for various I/O devices, porting of operating systems for embedded devices and in integration of several peripherals such as audio, video, storage, connectivity, buses, wireless, UI and others.


Our system software has powered the complex embedded systems of 100+ product designs that have been commercially deployed across a broad spectrum of commercial, industrial, aerospace and defense domains. Our software development expertise covers the following platforms:


  • RTOS: VxWorks, Real-time Linux, LynxOS, Integrity, Velocity
  • Embedded OS: Android, Embedded Linux
  • Frameworks: Ubuntu, Yocto
  • Proprietary Kernel: VDK, DSP-BIOS


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RADAR and Signal Processing Applications

Signal Processing address robust signal processing problems in complex radar systems and digital signal processing sub-systems. Modern radars perform nearly the entire required signal processing digitally.


Mistral’s range of RADAR and signal processing services for aerospace and defense applications, are complimented by our radar & signal processing applications which include: DSP Algorithm implementation, DO178 Complaint Application Development and Linux/VxWorks based client application development services.


Our Digital signal processing algorithms can be implemented on FPGA and/or signal processing platform to help plan, develop and manage safe, secure, reliable, and compliant Applications for Mission critical and safety critical systems.


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