Mobiveil, is a fast growing technology company certified with ISO 9001: 2015 that specializes in the development of Silicon Intellectual Properties (SIP), Application Platforms and Engineering Services for Flash Storage, Data Center, 5G, AI/ML, Automotive and Industrial IoT applications.


Mobiveil’s Engineering Services group provides Engineering Solutions augmenting our IP deliverables in high-speed interconnect and Flash Storage with FPGA/ASIC, Embedded Software and Hardware, SI / PI capabilities. Mobiveil’s highly skilled engineering services team provides the experience to customers that shorten design times and achieve right first-time design success.


Mobiveil Product solution includes Battery Management System for Electric Vehicles and Energy Storage, LoRa based Solar Air Quality Monitor, i.MX6 Gateway platform, FPGA based SSD, RISC-V SoC Platform, RAMDISK and AI accelerator.


ASIC / FPGA Design

Mobiveil’s has strong capabilities on FPGA Design/Implementation and ASIC Front-end (RTL Design, Verification) and back-end (Physical Design, STA, DFT). More than 50% of the Mobiviel team constitute ASIC / FPGA design.


Mobiveil has Intellectual Properties like CXL, PCIe (Gen 1 to Gen5), RapidIO, DDR3/4, LPDDR3/4, JEDEC xSPI, PSRAM,AXI Matrix and other low speed peripheral IP.


Mobiveil can integrate its IP’s and any 3rd Party IP’s and build SOC, FPGA solutions meeting customer requirements.


Very strong Verilog based design and System Verilog/UVM Methodology (SV/UVM) verification skills provides the complete front end solution.


Mobiveil has worked with Xilinx, Intel (Altera), Achronix based FPGA designs.


Apart from this, Mobiviel supports the Backend implementation with PD/STA/DFT skills.

Hardware Design Services

Mobiveil has strong High Speed Hardware design capabilities delivering complex design with ease.


Mobiveil works on principle of “Correct by Construction first time, every time”.


Team at Mobiveil had delivered many complex designs involving complex FPGA’s, Multi-core processors with high speed peripherals like Gen4 PCIe, 100G Ethernet (QSFP), DDR4, LPDDR4, SATA/SAS.


Mobiveil had used various processor based designs from simple microcontroller designs for IOT to multiple multi-core processor based Server class designs which include hot pluggable blades.


Mobiveil also has Mechanical / ID design capability and can design enclosures, custom heatsinks using Solidworks.


The hardware team has expertise in handling various Schematics entry tools like Cadence ORCADCIS, ConceptHDL, Mentor DxDesigner

Signal Integrity and Power Integrity Analysis

Most of the designs today are complex and need to ensure that the design can operated without surprises. With the speed of designs increasing, the design can just not be limited to electrical connectivity but should consider the EM waves, crosstalk and other inferences to make it work.


Analyzing the signal quality and power while building the hardware becomes critical and Mobiveil has for many years had mastered in SI/PI and had been providing this as dedicated service.


We provide SI analysis for Pre and Post Layout by prudently selecting the fast and accurate field solver for the given PCB interconnects.



Team at Mobiveil had used various SI/PI tools including Mentor/Siemens HyperLynx, Cadence Sigrity, Keysight ADS and Ansys HFSS.

PCB Layout Services

Mobiveil offers PCB design services including HDI interconnect designs. The Mobiveil team has expertise in developing multilayer PCB from 2 layer flex PCBs to 28 layer boards.


Knowledge of HDI needs including Via Back drilling, Blind / Buried via, Arc routing enables our team to develop PCB’s with PCIe Gen4, DDR4 and QSFP 100G Ethernet connectivity.


We also have ability to work on Analog, RF and mixed-signal Layout


Mobiveil works on constraint driven layout methodology and has invested in building tools towards verification.


Our team had successfully constructed many PCB’s had brought the DFM/DFT practice including 3D modelling for product visualization and works closely with PCB manufacturers in defining layer stack-up.


Our Gerber process helps in ensuring that the iteration between Layout team and the PCB manufacturing is shortened.


We follow the IPC methodology for footprint creation.


Mobiveil team has expertise in Cadence Allegro, Mentor Expedition, PADS and Altium.

Embedded Software

Embedded software team in Mobiveil has the ability to bring life to the hardware system building bare metal firmware to operating systems and writing device driver for peripherals.


The operating system expertise Mobiveil has includes Linux, Windows, QNX, Android, Zephyr, FreeRTOS to name few.


From Microcontroller to Multi-core Microprocessor and AMP to SMP implementation, Mobiveil can fit to any customers need with ease.


We have strong focus towards Flash Storage, IOT, Artificial Intelligence and Automotive and some of the solutions we had built includes SSD / RAMDISK platform, SSD tester solutions, Street Light Control, Air Quality Monitor, Battery Management systems.


On Wireless connectivity, we had strong expertise in BLE, LoRA, WiFi, LTE, NB-IOT and wired communication like Ethernet.


Our peripheral expertise includes high speed PCIe, NVMe, 100G Ethernet to low speed peripherals like SPI, UART.


Modular design approach with Secured Field upgrade through OTA (over the Air) support.

Test and Validation

Mobiveil Test and Validation Services provide System level validation that includes manual and automated methods.


Mobiveil has capability to integrate hardware tools like Oscilloscope and DAC/ADC to the System and drive through Python based scripting.


Both Functional and Non Functional testing / validation, Manual, Unit and Stress test can be carried out based on the product requirements.