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Nuvation Engineering is a North American product realization company that performs all aspects of electronic product development, from initial concept and design through to volume production. The partnerships we have with leading semiconductor manufacturers combined with our decades of experience providing electronic design services enable us to deliver high-quality solutions quickly and cost-effectively.


Electronic Design Solutions: Turnkey Product Development, New Product Introduction, Internet of Things.


Services: Hardware Design, FPGA Design, Analog Design, Product Design, Embedded Software, Wireless Design, Power Design.


With over 1000 successful design projects delivered, our industry experience in electronic product design is extensive. We understand the unique electronic design challenges in a variety of sectors.


Hardware Design

Nuvation Engineering’s hardware design services cover the full range of electronic product development activities, from initial conceptualization through the management of volume production.


Our hardware design services include:

  • High speed digital design
  • Analog design
  • Power design
  • FPGA design
  • PCB design (up to 40 layers)
  • HDI-buildup for boards with ultra-fine pitch high-density packages
  • Schematic capture
  • Layout
  • Bill of Materials review and optimization
  • Prototyping and testing
  • Pre-production design verification
  • Regulatory certification
  • Test fixture development
  • Transition to manufacturing
  • DFT (ICT coverage, JTAG, HALT, HASS)
  • DFx for volume production (including BIST and test fixtures)
  • Design for low power
  • RF design expertise


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Software Design

Nuvation provides a full range of embedded software services from simple bare metal solutions to sophisticated distributed systems. We offer embedded software development as a standalone service, or integrated with our custom hardware design and FPGA design services.

Our software development methodologies have been perfected over 20 years and 1000+ electronic design projects. We are well-versed in modern software technologies, tool sets, and best practices such as agile methodology, continuous integration, comprehensive testing, and strict branching workflow. Our embedded software services include:

  • Design documentation – specifying the work to be done before implementation, during which we engage in:
  • Prototyping as needed to test feasibility
  • Researching off-the-shelf tools and technologies to reduce project costs and accelerate schedules
  • Design implementation – primary coding, code re-use, vendor code library integration, peer reviews
  • Design validation – unit testing, system testing, integration


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New Product Introduction

Nuvation Engineering’s approach to New Product Introduction (NPI) differs from traditional electronic product development by beginning the NPI process much earlier in the project. Using an approach we refer to as “Integrated Design to Manufacturing,” New Product Introduction phases are run concurrently with traditionally earlier engineering phases, reducing the overall project schedule by as much as 30%.


New Product Introduction Services

  • Incorporating specific manufacturing requirements into the design process
  • Establishing and optimizing an end-to-end supply chain to facilitate manufacturing
  • Back-end design stages e.g. compliance certifications, packaging design
  • Manufacturing engineering to prepare the design for volume production
  • Defining fabrication/assembly/configuration, test, and quality systems
  • Production pilot, ramp, and management of entire production process


Visit website: New Product Introduction (NPI)

Internet of Things (IoT)

For sensor-driven IoT networks, Nuvation Engineering offers a suite of Internet of Things design services ranging from IoT architecture design to new product introduction. Our IoT services include:


Smart Sensor Design

  • Development of custom single- or multi-function sensors
  • Sensor integration (e.g. acoustic, motion, temperature, moisture)
  • Smart power management (e.g. ultra-low-power states)
  • Video security and data capture
  • Wired or wireless networking enablement and integration


IoT Gateway Design

  • Embedded software development of sensor data collection solutions
  • Latency management to deliver near real-time performance
  • Data flow management for large data sets
  • PCB design and I/O integration (e.g. Ethernet, USB)
  • Power management
  • Cloud connectivity (e.g. cellular, Ethernet, Wi-Fi)


Sensor Networking

  • Communications firmware development and cross-platform integration
  • Secure communications encryption and device identification
  • Support for wireless protocols (e.g. Bluetooth wireless technology, Wi-Fi, 802.xx.x, Sub-1GHz, 2.4 GHz, custom radio protocols)
  • RF Design


Cloud Connectivity

  • Have the gateway send periodic “heartbeats” to the cloud server to let it know that the sensor network is alive and healthy
  • Have the gateway and smart sensor devices receive “pushed” commands, configuration and software updates
  • Support for application-level system management and analytics software


Visit website: IoT Design Services

Medical Device Design

Nuvation Engineering has medical device design experience across a wide range of technologies, including: ultrasound, intravascular motor drive units, blood glucose monitoring, kidney dialysis, transcranial magnetic stimulation, endoscopy, respiratory therapy, and invasive robotic surgical equipment. We often co-develop medical devices with our trusted mechanical engineering partners and ISO 13485 certified EMS firms.


Medical Device Design Expertise:

  • Experienced with design to the following standards:
  • IEC 60601-1-x
  • ISO 62304
  • ISO 14971
  • FDA Premarket Approval including 510K and Level 3 development
  • Ultrasound applications (both for imaging, and therapeutic purposes)
  • Mechanical ventilator design (for assisted breathing)
  • Kidney dialysis machines
  • Blood glucose meters
  • Robotic endoscopy
  • Lithotripsy devices (i.e. for kidney stone ablation)
  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (for migraine headache treatment)
  • Remote patient monitors
  • Vision and dental-care devices
  • Life-critical electronics used in ventilators, dialysis, and brain surgery


Visit website: Medical Device Design

Data Acquisition and Controls

Nuvation Engineering has the expertise to solve your data acquisition challenges, whether that requires creating a custom platform or tuning and optimizing an off-the-shelf solution. Our experienced analog, digital, and software developers find timely and cost-effective solutions to meet the size, power, signal-to-noise, data rate and latency needs of your application.


Data Acquisition

  • Transducer selection
  • Signal conditioning (analog and/or digital)
  • Power management
  • Reference generation
  • Reliability analysis


Data Aggregation

  • Networking (wireless / wired)
  • Data security
  • Synchronization Data Analysis:
  • Noise filtering
  • Data modelling
  • Feature extraction


Control Algorithms

  • State management
  • PID control
  • Alert generation
  • Logging
  • Feedback loops
  • Motor control


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