Orthogone Technologies


Orthogone Technologies is a North American design house that solves the most difficult engineering challenges by providing software and hardware development, FPGA design and system engineering services, covering a wide range of technologies combined with robust methodologies. Our R&D team keeps pace with technological evolution and reduces the risks associated with developing innovative solutions.


The company also licenses intellectual property for FPGA, ASIC, or ASSP designs in latency-critical networking applications.


We help organizations across a variety of verticals, like automotive & transportation, telecom & datacenter, security & surveillance, connected healthcare and aerospace & defense, deliver breakthrough products and innovation. Our team of A-players engineers integrates seamlessly on projects around the world to deliver innovative products in collaboration with Fortune 500 and fast-moving startups alike.



  • Systems engineering
  • Software engineering
  • Electronics engineering
  • R&D for innovative solutions
  • FPGA/ASIC IP Integration


IP Cores

Ultra-low latency IP Cores


Software Engineering

Advanced software development expertise to drive your product strategy.


cloud connectivity | embedded software | networking and communication protocols | digital signal processing | security | edge computing | machine learning and data science | sensors | IoT


Orthogone software experts have more than a decade of experience delivering groundbreaking solutions from digital signal processing to security, cloud connectivity, encryption, and system performance optimization.


They excel in a wide range of software engineering areas, such as memory & processing optimization, distributed or centralized processing, time & size critical applications, and redundant systems. Our software development process allows them to adapt to your needs without compromising on the quality of the code they produce.


Partner with us strategically to integrate innovation into your software product development. We can deliver complex solutions under tight deadlines and extend your team’s capabilities.


Our embedded software development solutions can be bundled with our custom hardware design and FPGA design services and includes:


  • Design documentation
  • Prototyping
  • R&D
  • Design implementation
  • Design validation

Systems Engineering

Architecture & engineering to manage complex systems

system design and architecture | advanced engineering | algorithms & modeling | technology evaluation & selection


Our systems engineering team can help you test new product or service concepts, validate the benefits of new technologies, or simply identify and mitigate the business and technical risks of your project.


Bring reliable solutions to market faster, with a more predictable cost and development schedule.

Since our inception, we have been constantly challenged to jump in on large software development projects built by hundreds of software developers. Large and complex development projects require well-defined systems and sub-systems to cover all possible use cases. Our complementary pragmatic approach effectively balances the efforts spent on the system architecture definition and the subsequent phases of a project.


Some of our specialties in advanced engineering include Ethernet and networking applications, computer vision applications, SoC & CPU performance optimization, Digital Signal Processing (DSP) as well as mixed-signal and wireless technologies.


We specialize in evaluating and selecting complex technologies such as:

  • Application processors
  • System on a Chip (SoC)
  • Power solutions
  • Wireless transceivers
  • Operating systems / software frameworks
  • Intellectual property (IP)

Electronics Engineering

Hardware and electronic engineering for advanced high-speed technologies.


embedded systems | high-speed digital | wireless | power & signal integrity


Over the last 15 years, Orthogone experts have successfully designed and marketed countless products based on a microcontroller, a microprocessor, a DSP, an FPGA, or a System-on-Chip (SoC).


We are specialists in high-speed digital, signal and power integrity, high-performance signal processing using FPGAs and optimizing performances of top tier semiconductor products such as Intel, NXP, Analog Devices, Xilinx, QualComm, Broadcom, Texas Instruments, STMicro, Renesas, and others.


We are specialists at mixed signal circuits, low noise sensors, signal chain amplifiers, and clock synchronizer and generators. Our approach combines extensive circuit simulations with practical implementations and lab measurements.


With PCB layout expertise integrated in our core product development process we can design and build reliable and repeatable high-performance analog circuits.

FPGA/ASIC IP Development and Customization

Bring state-of-the-art electronic products to market


Our embedded software engineers and FPGA designers have many years of experience in managing, prototyping, and designing FPGA projects.


As a leader in embedded software and hardware development, we make sure to provide you with detailed specifications, design architecture, and robust coding. Our team uses the latest FPGAs from Intel and Xilinx when working on complex, high-speed, high-performance designs, as well as well-structured development, verification, and testing processes to minimize errors and deliver quality solutions.


  • FPGA architecture and design
  • Design optimization (timing closure, latency, power,
    resources utilization, gate count)
  • Algorithm development in FPGAs
  • Advanced Verification Environment (e.g. UVM)
  • System on a Chip (SoC) software development

Ultra-Low Latency IP Cores

Designed for Electronic/High Frequency Trading, High Performance Computing (HPC), networking functions and HW acceleration.


High performance 1G and 10G Ethernet MAC and PCS, 25G and 40/100G MAC and PCS + RS-FEC offering the industry’s lowest round-trip latency.



The Orthogone Technologies IP cores are high performance 1G, 10G Ethernet MAC and PCS, 25G and 40/100G MAC and PCS + RS-FEC, that are designed following the requirements of the IEEE 802.3 standards. The Ultra-low latency option offers the industry’s lowest round-trip latency.



The combined solution is ideal for FPGA accelerated Tick-to-Trade systems or market data feed handlers. Other applications include High Performance Computing (HPC), networking functions and hardware acceleration.



Benefits and features

– Designed for Electronic/High Frequency Trading, High Performance Computing (HPC), networking functions and HW acceleration

– Core designed to take advantage of the GTH/GTY transceiver low latency and the fast core fabric offered by the FPGA

– Ethernet MAC supports 1GbE, 10GbE, 25GbE, 40GbE and 100GbE line rate with flexible feature set

– Soft PCS logic interfacing to standard serial transceiver at 1.25Gbps, 10.3125Gbps and 25.78125Gbps

– FPGA transceivers, calibration modules, clocks and PLL, reset sequence, and IP cores automatically generated

– Full wire line speed with no dropped packets for 64-byte packet length and back-to-back or mixed length traffic, up to jumbo frame size

– IEEE 802.3 standards compliant

IoT & Embedded System Development

Faststream Technologies is a leading-edge technology firm offering development/Consulting services in the area of Verification and debugging/ Firmware and Device Driver development/  Multimedia on embedded system/ OS Porting BPS Development/ Middleware and API Custom API Development/ Applications and UX Development/ MAC OS – X Development Services/Embedded Linux/Android kernel/ RTOS/ FPGA. Faststream Technologies also provide application development services, testing, and validation services, and diagnostic services in related areas.


Following are some of our example work:

  • Linux/Android BSP configuring, building, binary preparation, flashing and validating on the Hardware.
  • RTOS and Linux based platforms in Device drivers and application development.
  • Device driver developments (I2C/SPI/UART based bus driver preparation)
  • Camera/Image Sensor driver developments/ Kernel video framework (V4L2)
  • Design and implementation of Linux device driver for 802.11 a/ b / g chipset.
  • Enhancements/Bug fixing for WHQL certification of 802.11 a/b/ g chipset driver on Windows.
  • Windows device driver for Wireless USB.
  • Windows device driver for PCMCIA/CF 802.16/WIMAX device with support for firmware download, ARP spoofing, IP mode/Ethernet mode operation and connection management.
  • Support for Quality of service in the form of priority queues and Leaky bucket algorithm.
  • 802.1x/EAP/AKA supplicant protocol on Windows for WIMAX device.
  • Linux device driver for PCMCIA/CF 802.16/WIMAX device. Windows device driver for USB 802.16/WIMAX device.