PARPRO is a full service design & manufacturing company with an emphasis on ODM solutions. We offer a comprehensive engineering-rich hardware solution with low-to-high volume manufacturing and integration/test capabilities, and pride ourselves on delivering simple to complex solutions making our manufacturing offerings competitive at virtually any volume and with any sourcing strategy. We serve customers in the aerospace, gaming, telecommunications and industrial markets providing time savings and cost optimization by minimizing margin stacks throughout the value chain.


Hardware System Design

As a leading product design company, PARPRO’s team of engineers specializes in finding the right solution to complex embedded hardware  design problems. By engaging with our team during your concept phases, PARPRO can help you find the right solution to your design challenges and provide you with a cost-optimized application-specific platform that meets your needs. Together, we can work to understand the nuances of your requirements and drive towards an innovative and optimal embedded hardware solution quickly and efficiently. For more information on vertical solutions – click here.

PCB Design Services & Schematic Capture

PARPRO specializes in schematic capture and PCB layout design services for our cost-effective hardware development solutions. Our expertise includes high-reliability and high-availability designs featuring remote management, high-speed signaling, and aggressive time-to-market timelines. PARPRO has strong expertise in PCB designs utilizing 64-bit microprocessors (CPUs and NPUs) and routing constraints to support high-speed interconnects. With full staff of PCB engineers and designers, multiple decades of experience, and 1000+ PCB assembly designs, we are fully equipped to meet your requirements.

Firmware Design

The skilled engineering team at PARPRO designs firmware that enables you to build the best possible product, while lowering costs throughout the product life-cycle. The PARPRO firmware design team focuses on providing BIOS, boot firmware, and drivers / APIs to allow your engineering team to focus on the parts of the application which are unique to you. Working closely with your internal design and engineering teams, our team treats your goals and time-to-market expectations as our own, making PARPRO the right firmware development company for your next project.

OEM & ODM Services

PARPRO specializes in design and manufacture of processor based solutions for a variety of vertical markets. Our OEM and ODM services cover the complete spectrum of the product lifecycle from concept to design, manufacturing and after-market services. Our engineering expertise encompasses complex PCB design, mechanical engineering, and more, providing an end to end turnkey solution for companies seeking full product development and manufacturing services from a single source – resulting in time savings and cost optimization by minimizing margin stacks throughout the value chain.

Full Turn-Key Manufacturing

PARPRO has a diverse assortment of manufacturing services offering a full turnkey manufacturing and labor only manufacturing on a fixed-cost contract basis. A turnkey manufacturing partnership with us can simplify your processes, help you save on production costs, solve difficult production issues, increase your speed to market, or help you expand your capabilities into new product areas without investing in added equipment or staff expertise. PARPRO gives you everything you need — full turnkey solutions from start to finish.