PCB Design


PCB Design Ltd. is an independent professional engineering center in Budapest, Hungary with 40+ hardware and embedded software engineers, 2M revenue, and 70+ customers worldwide. We provide product development services and design more than 150 PCBs annually, from which 50+ are HDI design (with 10+ layers). Our key knowledge is high-speed digital design. Unique selling point is that we are not only a layout company, but we handle all design steps from concept to manufacturing.


Hardware design services:

– System design

– Board design/ schematic capture

– PCB layout

– IBIS(AMI) simulation

Embedded software development:

– MCU programming

– Embedded linux BSP, device drivers

– FPGA programming

Other services

– Mechanical/ industrial design

– Small series high-end prototyping with fast delivery

– CE/FCC certification

– Functional testing / Automatic Test Systems.


We deliver solutions in different sectors like Aerospace&Defense, Space, ICT/HPC, IoT, Healthcare, Industrial and Automotive. PCB Design Ltd. is an ISO 9001 (soon AS9100/ ISO13485) certified company. We are proud that 80% of our revenue is from all-around Europe and Israel.


Board Design/Schematic

Designing a circuit diagram means more than just drawing the circuit in the CAD system, it often includes selecting the main components and developing the detailed technical specifications.

Very often, contradicting requirements (on price, availability, manufacturability) have to be complied with during the design phase, that is why we focus on continuous consultation with our clients to be able to make optimal decisions.

Besides having our own parts library, we prepare unique parts libraries as well.

PCB layout

Manufacturability, industrial standards and cost effective implementation are amongst the main aspects taken into consideration when designing PCBs. We provide the 3D model of the PCB in STEP and 3D PDF formats for the mechanical engineering of the product.

Circuits consisting of FPGA and multi-core processors are implemented on 10+ layers using microvia technology.

In case of designing high-speed (10G/25G+) digital circuits, custom stackup, controlled impedance, custom via structure, IBIS simulation, backdrill technologies are being used.

IBIS simulation

As part of the product design process, we create the proper layer stackup to wire the PCB. For high-speed signal wires and memory interfaces, we use IBIS simulation to optimize impedances, reflections, crosstalk and timings.

For multi-gigabit interfaces, the transfer channel is characterized using IBIS-AMI models and 3D simulation in HyperLynx.

We use SPICE simulation to control the correct operation of the analogue stage.


We provide prototyping and mass production of the most complex PCBs (microvia, rigid-flexi, 50-75 μm) at our domestic and European manufacturing partners within a short deadline and at a competitive price.

We work together with European PCBA companies that undertake to manufacture prototypes and mass produce circuits. Production deadline for moderately complex placed prototypes is typically 2-4 weeks.

In order to meet production timeline, we keep local stock of the critical components.

Embedded software development

In the field of embedded software development, we provide microcontroller, embedded Linux, and HDL development.

We took part in microcontroller firmware (ST, PIC, AVR) development. Tasks implemented most often:

  • Bluetooth LE/3G/WiFi/Ethernet communication,
  • GPS positioning,
  • sensors(e.g. temperature, accelerometer, pH),
  • medical signal processing (e.g. skin impedance, ECG, PPG),
  • management of (industrial) serial protocols,
  • motor control,
  • battery and charging control.

Our team of embedded Linux developers provide the low-level driver layer (Board Support Package, BSP) when more complex multi-core processors (iMX6, Xilinx, Broadcom, Allwinner ) are used.

Main areas of competence: build environments, low level hardware programming, WiFi and video streaming.

Functional testing & EMC measurement/CE/FCC

Functional testing

We have developed a Linux based test environment for the cost effective testing of modern interfaces (e.g. HDMI, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB).

The testing process consists of two components, the test running on the target circuit and a test script environment running on a host PC, which ensures production testing for complex circuits.

Functional testing can be integrated with a database and generates HTML/PDF based reports.

EMC measurement/CE

For a product to become marketable, it has to go through several compliance tests after the prototype is done. In case of European distribution, it has to obtain CE certification, likewise in the USA we obtain FCC certification.

Our engineering office supports compliance with the requirements of the standards related to the necessary directives, especially electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing.

Preliminary tests our carried out in our pre-compliance laboratory. Compliance testing according to standards are done in domestic certified laboratories.

Furthermore, we are available for special (e.g. RED directive, safety , RoHS) compliance tests as well.

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