RT-RK is an R&D company and national research institute that delivers development services and its own products in the arena of real-time embedded systems, with a strong focus on consumer electronics and automotive. Headquartered in Novi Sad, with offices in Belgrade (Serbia), Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Osijek (Croatia) with over 1100 engineers, RT-RK is one of the biggest development houses in Southeast Europe.

The company’s business is structured in two big categories: professional services (outsourcing, nearshore development centers), and own products. RT-RK delivers professional services in the field of computer engineering, focusing on embedded software, TV software, DSP software, Industrial and Automotive software, FPGA, HW/complete product design, and small-scale production. The company offers two lines of products providing world-class software solutions for connected TV devices and E2E field proven IoT solution.


HW Development

RT-RK offers electronic devices prototype production providing our customers a complete set of services regarding concept proving and demonstration platforms.


  • Conversion of HW functional concepts into specifications and to circuit schematics
  • Conversion of circuit schematic into PCB layout designs
  • Selection and management of subcontractors for PCB manufacturing, cabling and chassis production
  • Bring-up and verification
  • Compliance testing

Creating and executing qualification test plans (QTP), including:


–  Main HW blocks testing

–  Functional testing

–  Technical legislation compliance tests:

  • EMC – emission and immunity tests
  • LVD- safety tests
  • Power consumption tests
  • Environmental tests
  • Stress tests

High speed interface designs

  • DDR/DDR2/DDR3, as well as serialized differential signaling
  • Support from PCB vendors on material selection, stack-up build, and impedance calculation and verification
  • Signal waveforms and integrity simulations
  • Power distribution network analysis, simulations and calculations

HDI and Multilayer Boards Design

  • Experience in multilayer and HDI boards design:
  • Up to 36 layers on big board dimension
  • Successful micro via (150 um, 2-n-2 and 3-n-3) designs
  • Designs with blind and buried vias
  • BGA devices with 0.4mm pitch
  • Package on Package components

Power supply design

  • Onboard and separate module designs
  • Design for worldwide markets (European, North and Latin American, Asian)
  • Power grid and battery-operated designs
  • Designs with AC/DC flyback, forward and serial load topologies
  • DC/DC buck, boost and combined topologies, experience with industry leading silicon vendors
  • AC/DC phantom supplies in lightning retrofit solutions
  • Power sequencers and programmable supplies
  • Compliance testing and qualification according to consumer, industrial and military standards


RT-RK FPGA prototyping group is dedicated to rapid prototyping of various digital systems, including tailored high performance digital signal processing, designing of dedicated application IP blocks, or signal adjustment among various types of interfaces. Additionally,  ASIC prototyping with FPGA devices, RTL design verification and IP outsourcing service are offered, including IP customization service.



  • BFM based verification
  • UVM based verification (SystemVerilog, SystemC)


  • ASIC design — VHDL/Verilog/SystemVerilog
  • FPGA desing — VHDL/Verilog
  • FPGA Prototyping + Custom Board Design
  • Real time system test environment setup
  • Certification (DO-254) 5 years’ experience

System SW Development

System software concept, architecture and development for different embedded platforms:

  • MIPS
  • ARM
  • Texas Instruments
  • Intel
  • Renesas
  • Qualcomm


Development of proprietary OS for embedded systems


Linux kernel:

  • Porting, Adaptation and Support
  • Kernel SW development (drivers, devices)
  • Real time adaptations/extensions


  • Customization of 3rd party solutions (Nucleus, ThreadX)
  • Proprietary RTOS kernel solution
  • Real-time SW design and development

File system expertise:

  • Legacy file systems (FAT, JFFS, CRAM)
  • Proprietary dedicated solutions (StreamingFS, FlashFS, JournalFS)


RT-RK has abundant expertise in digital signal processing and more than 15 years of hands-on experience with designs that comprehend a full development cycle of DSP based systems.



However powerful and brilliant DSP algorithm is at the end of the day it should not on run on the last generation PC yet on a fancy device limited in resources (memory, CPU capabilities also with limited battery life). RT-RK provides a full port of in-house developed and customer provided algorithms on a range of embedded systems (DSP, CPU, FPGA) from various manufactures (TI, Intel, MIPS, ARM, Cirrus Logic).



It is often the case that customer has application properly working on a target environment but with inadequate performance. Customer R&D team has focused on development of new algorithms and algorithm proving. Algorithm is handed over to system integrators to be adapted to fit in the target SW/HW environment. In most cases the first team knows little (or does not care) about real time system requirements, whereas the second team knows little about algorithms. In these cases RT-RK specialists perform algorithm analysis, evaluate performance of the target SW/HW system, perform algorithm modification, code size and speed optimization in assembler and/or HLL language.

IoT Product Development

We are providing IoT platforms for:

Smart home

  • White-label smart home SW solution
  • Supporting leading smart home protocols and vendors
  • OBLO devices

Telcos RCM

  • Remote configuration and monitoring of CPE devices (STBs, broadband routers)

Industrial IoT

  • IoT hub SW for industrial IoT GW
  • IoT cloud on premise

Public IoT Apps

  • IoT platform for Public IoT applications
  • Based on WiFi and NB-IoT


Our expertise:

  • System software, application software
  • Experience with various RTOS – FreeRTOS, TI-RTOS
  • Expertise in RF communication and mesh networks
  • Communication protocols (serial, SPI, I2C, TCP/IP, ZigBee, BLE, DECT ULE, Z-Wave, NB IoT) and libraries (ZigBee, lwIP)
  • Platforms: 8051, ARM, ARM Cortex-M series, microcontrollers and SoCs
  • Silicon vendors: Texas Instruments, STM, Qualcomm, Toshiba
  • The software tools mostly used are: C, JTAG, IAR Workbench, gcc
  • Product preparation for certifications in international labs (RT&TE, CE, LVD, RoHS, ZigBee)
  • Hand-over to manufacturing (test development, fixture development, factory test application, manufacturing process, purchasing)