Softeq Development Corp.


Softeq HQs are located in Houston, TX, USA. Softeq CEO is Chris Howard.


A one-stop shop for hardware, embedded, mobile, web, desktop, IoT and Cloud solutions.


Our engineers offer full-stack development services, both application- and hardware-level expertise which is hard to be found under one roof elsewhere.


We deliver:

  • Custom software: Web, desktop, mobile, and system solutions
  • Web: IoT solutions (smart home apps), enterprise backend solutions, prediction and recommendations based on AI/ML, intelligent bot apps, VoIP solutions, Uber-like apps, digital asset management systems
  • Mobile: IoT solutions (smart home apps, healthcare apps), enterprise white-label apps, games
  • IoT wearables: consumer gadgets, smart home and healthcare solutions, robotics, DSP, and network products
  • Industrial Systems: solutions for industrial automation, HMI, test stands, NVR
  • Automotive & Transportation: HMI, ADAS, safety solutions, CCTV
  • Storage: SSD/eMMC solutions, NAND flash firmware


Hardware: system electronics design, electronic circuit design, PCB design, design simulations, enclosure design


Hardware Design

Softeq provides a full range of hardware design services. We can design electronic hardware, PCB, FPGA, or put together an enclosure full-scale electronic device.


What we do:


  • electronic system design
  • electronic circuit design

PCB Layout

PCB Simulations



Development of Embedded Systems

We help our clients to build powerful electronic solutions, devices, and low-level components.


What we do:



System services

End-user apps

Storage solutions