Spectrum Integrity


Spectrum Integrity provides custom design solutions, and engineering problem solving for interconnect applications. Our specialty is with PCB Design for high-performance applications including extreme environments, RF, Microwave, Millimeter Wave, High-Speed Digital signals. Our name, Spectrum Integrity, reflects the consistency of signal integrity required for narrow band, RF, and broadband high speed signal transmission in advanced high-frequency applications. Each design is routed to ensure a consistent signal. Our experience, tools, and test equipment allow us to design to and maintain the integrity of higher frequencies. Our designs are not the only place we focus on integrity. All aspects of our business are built on it. These are some factors you may want to consider why Spectrum Integrity:


  • We have extensive proven experience with RF and Ultra High-Speed Digital designs focusing almost exclusively on these applications for over 12 years
  • We embrace challenging designs, and designs considered “not possible”
  • Advanced applications need engineering-level problem solving
  • We anticipate and can correct design flaws before spending hours reworking a design or re-spinning fabricated boards
  • We pay careful attention to the manufacturability and cost management for all projects