Our team has extensive experience in design, development and production of advances products, systems and solutions for customers in different verticals:


  • Wireless Communication and Networking 
  • High performance embedded systems
  • Power and Energy systems
  • IoT Asset Tracking
  • Medical Devices
  • Defense and Aerospace
  • Video Systems


Technology and projects experience:

  • High end digital design (CPU, DSP, FPGA)
  • Power, analog and digital high density PCB layouts
  • RF and optical circuits 
  • Embedded software and firmware (C#, C++, Python, VHDL)
  • Backend frameworks of video, control, cloud 
  • Mechanical from overall enclosure design, trough production files, modern technological process and special thermal solutions.
  • Analysis: thermal analysis, mechanical dynamic stress analysis, reliability analysis
  • Qualification: Environmental, EMC, ESS


Dynamic core team, flexible with capability to expand per needs.

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