Zilogic Systems


Zilogic Systems is an Engineering and R&D services company, based in India, specializing in Embedded technologies and open-source software & tools. Our expertise in Electronic hardware and Embedded software helps customers to build Prototypes, POC and New Product Development (NPD). We bring ideas to life.


Zilogic offers full-stack embedded engineering and R&D services spanning design, development, consulting, integration, testing and test automation services for all the layers of embedded products ranging from hardware to operating systems, middleware, FOTA, GUI/Application and Connectivity. Zilogic Systems have vast experience in the below-said expertise:


  • Electronic Hardware Prototyping
  • PCBA bring-up & diagnostics software
  • Firmware / bare-metal applications
  • Board support packages
  • Device Driver / Firmware
  • Platform Migration and upgrade
  • Protocol & Communication stacks
  • Device to Cloud Connectivity (IoT)
  • Firmware over the Air (FOTA)
  • Embedded UI / HMI



Evolution of product starts with concept/idea. To develop a product, concept or idea need to be proved first before proceeding to any other steps. Zilogic team has worked with many startups on the proof of concept part where we will take necessary precautions to avoid the risk factors involved in the POC. Customer will get the complete feasibility analysis report, implementation details of the concept as the deliverables along with the prototype.



  • Prove your idea/concept
  • Can be showcased/demonstrated to the targeted customers
  • Plan for production
  • Reduce  investment cost

Embedded Software Development

As an embedded software development company, we design, code and test software for embedded systems from bootloader to GUI or software for end users. We provide outsourcing embedded software engineering services include firmware and device driver development, board support package development for multiple operating systems including Android, Linux, RTOS, and software development for single board computers.

Full stack embedded software development:



-Bare metal firmware

  • NXP, STM, TI, nRF Controller
  • C, C++ Programming Languages
  • I2C, SPI, CAN, WiFi, BT, GPIO, Serial Interfaces

-RTOS Porting and Applications

  • FreeRTOS, Nuttx, Zephyr, mbedOS

-Board Support Package

  • Linux, Android, FreeRTOS
  • Busybox, U-boot, DTC,
  • ALSA, udev, MTD, UIO, GPIO

-Linux Kernel & Device Drivers

-OS build and Integration

  • Yocto, Bitbake, Buildroot, OpenWRT, RDK-B, Poky

-Peripheral Drivers & HAL

  • USB, CAN, Ethernet, WiFi, BT, Display, Audio, Video

-Middleware Integration

  • Network Stack
  • Audio/Video
  • Vision

Wireless Connectivity

  • WiFi, BLE, BT, Zigbee, LoRA, Cellular

-Software Upgrade (FOTA)

  • LAN, WiFi, Cellular, CAN

-Device to Cloud protocol

  • MQQT, CoAP, Https, LWM2M

-Embedded UI/HMI

  • Qt, Kivy, GTK, lgvl, twisted, Gk
  • Python, Java, C++

-Mobile Applications for IOT

  • Android, iO
  • ReactNative, Kivy, Python, Java

Embedded Hardware Development

Zilogic Systems helps their customer to build their hardware which are cost effective, rugged, reliable and efficient. With good amount of experience in hardware design, it would be easy to re-use the experience in hardware designs too. Hardware design service in Zilogic systems includes:


-Circuit design

  • Custom hardware
  • Carrier board design (SOM based)
  • IO/Breakout board design

-Schematic capture and Verification

-PCB Design and Development

-Signal Integrity and Power Integrity

-PCB Fabrication & Assembly

-Hardware testing & Validation

-Hardware Diagnostic software




-High speed interfaces design

-uP/uC/SOM based board design

-Connectivity: LTE/BLE/WiFi

-BOM Customization

Platform Migration & Upgradation

For any product that are used in the market, latest technology or upto date is must to survive. In electronics field, Semiconductor companies are releasing multiple controllers/processors in every quarter. We need to adopt to this latest processor as they may give end of life notification for their old controllers or processors. Zilogic’s Software and Hardware team is having good experience in  changing the latest microcontroller to the obsolete one, similarly the software team will port the existing the working software to the new board such that functionality of the product remains the same.


  • Embedded C to C++
  • hardware platform migration
  • Application porting / migration
  • Porting OS from new hardware platform

QA & Test Automation

Advancement with hardware and software technology has equipped us with high level building blocks, with which we can build systems quickly. Testing is a much needed step to ensure that the system meets the requirements specified by the customer, and the components used with the system behave in the expected manner. Test Automation significantly reduces the burden of running test cases, and allows the tests to be repeated as often as required. We offer a plethora of services, for build and running test automation frameworks.


  • Setting up test automation framework for integration testing using Robot Framework.
  • Creation of XML-RPC based test servers for allowing remote access of instrumentation and test tools.
  • Expertise in building of hardware / software modules for emulating inputs and error injection to the DUT.
  • Expertise in building of hardware / software modules for capture of outputs from the DUT.
  • Custom hardware for automating the testing, Programmable USB Switch, Relay and Protocol converters.
  • Development of test cases to check compliance of embedded system with specification.


Frameworks Experience:

  • Robot Framework – Generic test automation framework for acceptance testing
  • Linux Testing Project – Test cases for the Linux kernel interface
  • Autotest – Linux kernel test automation framework
  • Fuego – embedded Linux test automation framework


Interface Testing Experience:


  • Digital & analog IO , RTC, Keypad emulation
  • GPS, GSM emulation
  • Accelerometer emulation
  • Digital/Analog output capture
  • LCD and seven segment data capture
  • Network data capture (CAN/ Ethernet/WiFi)

DevOps for Embedded Software (CI/CT/CD)

Embedded devops has now come to refer to a group of practices followed in the development community, to improve software quality, and reduce integration surprises. This includes using a single branch for development for all developers, development of unit tests for the code base, automatic build in a clean environment, generation of code quality reports through static analysis, automated execution of unit tests and generation of code coverage reports, etc. Zilogic Systems is expertise in working with a host of tools, that are used in setting up a continuous integration system. We can provide the following services as part of our embedded Devops offering:


  • Writing build scripts for use in CI
  • Integration of CI server with various version control systems
  • Development of test cases
  • Setting up containers for creating clean build environments
  • Packaging and distribution of software binaries