Promwad focuses on Zynq UltraScale+ custom projects as a Xilinx authorised design partner

30/11/2020, hardwarebee

Promwad has dedicated an engineering team to help its clients accelerate hardware product development based on Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC devices and other systems-on-chip. The company’s portfolio now includes about a dozen completed designs with Zynq US+ modules, high-speed interfaces, Linux customization, and drivers development.


Xilinx Zynq empowers hardware and software engineers with dual-core or quad-core processing systems backed up by programmable logic and real-time software and hardware control for video, graphics, and packet processing. Such an advanced MPSoC architecture can be applied in ADAS for the automotive market, Industrial IoT, and 5G wireless systems.


Earlier this year, Promwad established its competence center in adaptive computing systems and qualified for the Xilinx Alliance Program, a worldwide ecosystem of companies offering design services, IP cores, PCB development, and production facilities. 


For customers, cooperation with trusted Xilinx partners gives access to proven expertise in FPGA design and the integration of SoC and MPSoC to brand-new electronic systems. While the authorized members of the Xilinx Partner Program enjoy priority tech support and documentation, access to training, development boards and programming tools. As a result, both parties may get the most out of the advanced technologies for the future-oriented markets of telecommunications, automotive electronics, and automation.


About the company

Promwad (www.promwad.сom) is a hardware and software product design company with offices in the European Union and the US. It is an official design partner of the leading tech vendors such as Xilinx, Texas Instruments, NXP, Intel, and others.


Since 2004, the Promwad engineering team has implemented over 325 projects for digital TV & STB, consumer & IoT, telecom, automotive — these are over 3 million manufactured devices for their customers worldwide. The development center of the company is located in Minsk (Belarus).


Feel free to contact Promwad or learn more about their services at HardwareBee: https://hardwarebee.com/vendors/promwad/ 


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