New Online Tool by HardwareBee Helps Engineers Select Between FPGA and ASIC Technologies

29/01/2019, hardwarebee

HardwareBee, a leading online electronic design marketplace, today announced a new tool that helps engineers make quicker and more accurate decisions on whether to choose FPGA or ASIC technology in their electronic product. The online tool enables analyzing and comparing the costs of each of the technologies based on the target application and making more informed decisions.


In today’s market, where FPGAs increasingly provide wider and broader capabilities and ASICs are becoming more accessible in lower production volumes, developers are often unsure which technology to select for their product. The new tool helps engineers to clearly evaluate the overall costs of each technology, starting from the design phase and all the way to volume production.  


The free new tool is available online at https://hardwarebee.com/fpga-vs-asic-calculator/


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