Promwad Joins HardwareBee Partner Program

07/12/2021, hardwarebee

HardwareBee, the leading marketplace for hardware service providers, announced today that Promwad, an software and hardware product development company, has joined HardwareBee to promote its design services. 


Promwad helps its customers address engineering challenges in FPGA design, embedded software, hardware design, and electronics manufacturing. In 17 years of working with customers in Europe, Asia, and North America, they have established engineering competence centres to develop industrial solutions for the most promising markets such as digital TV and video streaming, telecommunications, automotive electronics, and FPGA projects. As part of the HardwareBee platform, Promwad will gain access to a full range of marketing services to showcase its offering, increase exposure and generate leads.


The HardwareBee platform is a global network of companies that provide development services, ranging from hardware, FPGA and embedded software design to full turnkey electronic design and manufacturing services (EMS). HardwareBee offers various marketing services, including promotional programs, branding, and lead generation programs. Site visitors can easily find and contact vendors and service providers directly through the website based on various categories and domain expertise.


About Promwad 


Promwad is an independent electronics design house with 150+ engineers and managers focused on contract design and manufacturing. It provides engineering support to its customers in 23 countries. More than 10 million people worldwide use devices and applications created by the Promwad engineers. The company head office is located in Lithuania. 

Website:  https://promwad.com/

Email: [email protected]



About HardwareBee


HardwareBee is the best way to find and contact electronic, FPGA, and embedded software service providers online. The HardwareBee marketplace covers multiple hardware domains, from electronic design to production services, helping decision-makers find the best partner with the right solution, best cost and shortest time to market. HardwareBee offers a wealth of knowledge and best practices, including technical articles and news to help hardware professionals learn, share insights, and keep up-to-date with the latest market developments. HardwareBee is part of AnySilicon.com network. 


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