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X-LOGIC is an engineering company which offers in house hardware and embedded software development services with focus on IoT.

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Amarula Electronics


Amarula Electronics is a highly professional Full Service Electronic design house specializing in PCB design of embedded devices.

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Smartfox Data Solutions


Smartfox Data Solutions, Inc. provides design services for IC, ASIC, FPGA, and embedded systems.

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HTV is a high-performance center and test house for electronic components.

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TECHDesign is an ecommerce platform that guides hardware innovators through the product development lifecycle to commercial success. We believe that a great idea should never be discarded because of any hurdle on the way to reality.

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ePiccolo Engineering


With over 15 years of experience, ePiccolo Engineering provides electronic engineering services - PCB Design, Embedded software, DSP and FPGA programming.

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Iomico is a hardware and software development company highly focused on BI, AI, ML and Computer Vision, IoT Cloud Solutions.

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Engineering Catalyst


EnCata is a full stack development services company which provides solutions to all from small to large businesses.


Electrical Engineering, Firmware Development , Design for Manufacturing (DFM), Industrial design, Enclosure design, Mechanical engineering

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LSF Design


LSF Design provides custom electronic product designs. We specialize in hardware/software solutions to embedded, scientific and compute intensive challenges.

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PathPartner Technology

India & USA

PathPartner is a product R&D and engineering specialist providing full stack engineering services and re-usable solution accelerators.


Video Codecs, Audio Codecs, Driver Monitoring System, Imaging Algorithms, Camera Modules

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