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VVDN Technologies


Product Engineering & Manufacturing company focused on designing & manufacturing end-to-end products.

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Hardware design of FPGA-based application-specific processors according to the customer’s specification in very short time and for the low price.

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Colorado Electronic Product Design


Colorado Electronic Product Design is an engineering services provider that designs, develops and
productizes high-performance electronic devices and systems.

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Iomico is a hardware and software development company highly focused on BI, AI, ML and Computer Vision, IoT Cloud Solutions.

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PCB Design


PCB Design Ltd. is an independent professional design house in Hungary. We provide product development services from concept to manufacturing.

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X-LOGIC is an engineering company which offers in house hardware and embedded software development services with focus on IoT.

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Technology Designs

Technology Designs has provided exceptional electronic design services including board and FPGA design for over 20 years.

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Meet the top-notch team of engineers.
We create custom electronics that benefit.

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ePiccolo Engineering


With over 15 years of experience, ePiccolo Engineering provides electronic engineering services - PCB Design, Embedded software, DSP and FPGA programming.

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Dunn Engineering

Dunn Engineering, a product development and design services provider, is focused on embedded systems and SI, including hardware design, FPGA, wireless, software, PCB layout and prototyping.

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