Infineon Introduces 400V SiC MOSFET for AI Server Power Supplies

May 27, 2024

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Infineon Technologies is making significant strides in the field of power electronics by extending its SiC MOSFETs to voltages below 650 V for AC-DC power converters. The latest addition to their lineup is the CoolSiC MOSFET 400 V family, which is built on the second generation (G2) CoolSiC technology introduced earlier this year. This new family of MOSFETs has been specifically designed for use in the AC-DC stage of AI servers, catering to the increasing power demands of Artificial Intelligence (AI) processors.

The relentless push for higher performance in AI processors has put immense pressure on server power supplies (PSUs) to deliver more power while adhering to the space constraints of server racks. This demand is primarily fueled by the escalating energy requirements of high-level GPUs, which are projected to consume over 2 kW per chip by the end of the decade. In response to this trend, the SiC MOSFET family offers lower conduction and switching losses compared to existing 650 V SiC and silicon MOSFETs.

By incorporating these advanced MOSFETs in a multi-level Power Factor Correction (PFC) setup, the AC-DC stage of AI Server PSUs can achieve a remarkable power density of 100 W/in³ in a 12 kW reference design, boasting an efficiency rating of up to 99.5 percent. This represents a notable efficiency enhancement of 0.3 percentage points over solutions utilizing 650 V SiC MOSFETs, and they are often paired with GaN devices in the DC-DC stage for optimal performance.

Aside from their application in AI servers, these SiC MOSFETs are also well-suited for a range of other uses, including solar and energy storage systems (ESS), inverter motor control, industrial and auxiliary power supplies (SMPS), as well as solid-state circuit breakers for residential buildings. This versatility underscores the broad utility of these cutting-edge power electronics components in various sectors.

Richard Kuncic, Head of the Power Systems Business Line at Infineon, emphasized the company's commitment to providing high-performance MOSFETs and GaN transistors to meet the evolving needs of AI server power supplies. The CoolSiC MOSFETs 400 V G2 exemplify this dedication, offering advanced features to drive optimal energy efficiency in advanced AI applications. With a portfolio comprising 10 products across different RDS(on) classes and package options, Infineon is poised to cater to diverse customer requirements in the power electronics domain.

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