Revolutionary Triple Current Sensor for High-Powered 800V Traction Inverters

November 27, 2023

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LEM Introduces Three-Phase Current Sensors for Silicon Carbide Power Modules

LEM, a leading manufacturer of electrical measurement solutions, has recently announced the release of new three-phase current sensors specifically designed to fit silicon carbide power modules commonly used in 800V vehicle traction inverters.

The demand for three-phase power modules, such as Hybridpack Drive from Infineon, Acepak Drive from ST Microelectronics, and SSDC from ON Semi, has been steadily increasing among developers of automotive traction inverters. LEM's latest current sensor addresses this growing trend by offering current measuring ranges from 700A to 1200A.

Compared to the existing units in the HAH3DR family, the new sensors have upgraded package isolation characteristics to meet the challenges posed by 800V power modules. This enhancement ensures reliable and accurate current measurement in high-voltage applications.

The HAH3DR S07/SP42 sensors are designed to slide over the output terminals of the power module, providing a seamless integration solution. These new parts feature enlarged apertures to accommodate busbars up to 1.5mm thick. The part number S07 indicates compatibility with Hybridpack Drive modules and similar products, while SP42 indicates compatibility with long busbar 800V modules.

One of the key advantages of LEM's new current sensors is their backward compatibility with the first generation HAH3DR S07/SP4 sensors designed for 400V inverters. This means that no design changes are required to utilize the new device, making it a convenient upgrade option for existing systems.

The HAH3DR S07/SP42 sensors offer bus bar openings measuring 14.5 x 2.2mm on a 47mm pitch. They provide insulation up to 3.5kV and a creepage distance of 5.7mm (PLC0). These open-loop Hall sensors are specifically designed for use in inverters with ISO 26262 ASIL D safety requirements.

LEM ensures the reliability and accuracy of their sensors by factory calibrating them over temperature and predicted lifetime. This calibration process, combined with their robust design, makes these sensors ideal for companies developing small passenger vehicle platforms, trucks, and buses, especially those with limited R&D resources.

While LEM has not released further technical information about the new sensors at the time of writing, their announcement has already generated significant interest among automotive industry professionals. The introduction of these three-phase current sensors is expected to further enhance the performance and efficiency of silicon carbide power modules in 800V vehicle traction inverters.

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