Choosing FPGA vendors – Altra, Xilinx etc

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    We are about to use an FPGA in our product, how do you guys decide which vendor to use: Xlinix or Altera? is it based on pricing? thanking you Ali

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    Hi Ali

    Sure, price is one important point. But for me it is more about the toolchain (that is more a personal preference) and the actual FPGA features.
    Some have more PLLs, RAM, DSP slices or LEs for the same price. Most of the time you compare to FPGAs one has more of one and the other from the other one.
    So, it realy depends on what you need and then choose the FPGA that fits best.
    If you have two realy similar FPGAs you probably go with the one where you already know the toolchain.

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