FPGA accelerating software

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    We are having a debate in the company whether to take some of our sw code and run it as hardware (FPGA) do get better performance/speed.

    Did you try this? any examples? — Mark

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    phani Krishna

    Complex challenges are well solved with the fast processors by the robust software Implementations. FPGS are cost-effective alternatives that are adaptive to the applications and enable outstanding speed benefits when compared to processor-related solutions. A hardware device (accelerator) partners with the central processing unit service to increase the performance and speed and the data is processed. Several off-the-shelf architectures for accelerators such as FPGA architectures, GPU, ASIC are used.

    Furthermore, FPGA accelerators provide excellent performance and they emerged as one of the most preferred options in the data centers because of their adaptable and flexible architecture. The specialized features in FPGAs include that they are reconfigurable hardware chips that can be well reprogrammed to implement sequential and combinational logic.

    FPGA’s have proven expertise in devices and circuits & FPGA accelerators used in cloud services hosted on massive services with minimal costs and power consumption and also in battery-operated devices. Know more: https://bit.ly/3q7AR7t

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