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08/04/2018, hardwarebee

Since the inception of FPGA technology there were actually only two players in the market: Xilinx and Altera. Along the years, both companies did a terrific job growing the market and protecting their market share. During the last 20 year, the FPGA industry enjoyed a very nice growth – a recent market report indicates that the growing FPGA market will reach USD 9.5B by 2023.


Since Intel acquired Altera, Xilinx was left as the only major FPGA company in the market. Xilinx has ~50% market share while Altera (Intel) has ~37% and Lattice Semiconductor has a 10% market share.



In this paper, we’ve assembled a list of FPGA companies and their product offering.




The leader in FPGAs for several years, Xilinx has a range of FPGAs in terms of cost and performance. Xilinx’s portfolio combines devices in the categories of FPGAs, SoCs, and 3DICs, as well as software-defined development environments. Xilinx is known to use TSMC silicon technology for building its FPGAs.


Website: www.xilinx.com

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Intel acquired Altera in 2015. Altera’s portfolio consists of FPGAs, SoCs with embedded processor systems, CPLDs, ASICs, and power solutions. Altera’s offering covers the low, mid and upper end markets with the CPLDs and high-end FPGA.


We believe that Altera have access to Intel’s fab and will therefore get their silicon technology there.



Website: www.altera.com

Read more: Altera brief history.



Lattice Semiconductor


Lattice Semiconductor provides low power FPGA and IP products to the consumer, communications, industrial, computing, and automotive markets worldwide. Lattice Semiconductor is known for providing low-cost FPGAs with low- power capabilities.


Website: www.latticesemi.com



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