Cutting-Edge Development Boards for Rapid Wireless Charging

May 27, 2024

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Wireless charging technology has taken a significant leap forward with ST’s new wireless-charging protocol, opening up a world of possibilities for innovators looking to integrate wireless charging into high-power applications with shorter charging intervals. This advancement enables a wide range of devices, including vacuum cleaners, cordless power tools, drones, medical devices, lighting systems, printers, and scanners, to benefit from the convenience and efficiency of wireless charging.

The STEVAL-WBC2TX50 transmitter board is at the forefront of this innovation, capable of delivering up to 50 watts of output power using ST's Super Charge (STSC) protocol. Unlike standard protocols used in smartphones, STSC allows for faster recharging of larger batteries, making it ideal for power-hungry devices. Additionally, the board supports the Qi 1.3 5-W Baseline Power Profile (BPP) and 15-W Extended Power Profile (EPP), ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices.

At the heart of the transmitter board is ST's STWBC2-HP transmitter system-in-package, which integrates an STM32G071 Arm Cortex-M0 microcontroller and an application-specific front end. This front end provides essential functions such as signal conditioning, frequency control, and a high-resolution PWM generator for efficient power transmission. Moreover, the STWBC2-HP SiP is versatile, operating with DC voltages ranging from 4.1V to 24V and supporting USB Power Delivery through its D+/D- interface.

On the receiving end, the STEVAL-WLC98RX receiver board complements the transmitter's capabilities by handling up to 50 watts of wireless charging power. Equipped with ST's STWLC98 wireless power receiver IC, this board features Adaptive Rectifier Configuration (ARC) for extended charging distances, accurate voltage and current measurement for Foreign Object Detection (FOD), and robust thermal management for safe and efficient charging.

To facilitate customization and optimization for specific applications, dedicated software tools like STSW-WPSTUDIO for the receiver board and STSW-WBC2STUDIO for the transmitter board are available. These tools allow users to fine-tune configuration parameters and tailor the wireless charging operation to meet the unique requirements of their projects. Additionally, a comprehensive set of design documents is provided to support developers in their wireless charging endeavors.

With a Declaration of Conformity to the EU Radio Equipment Directive (RED), ST's wireless charging boards offer not only cutting-edge technology but also compliance with regulatory standards. To learn more about ST's wireless power solutions and explore the possibilities they offer, visit www.st.com/wirelesspower.

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