Infineon Introduces 400-V MOSFETs for AI Server Power Supplies

May 27, 2024

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The demand for higher power server supplies is on the rise due to the increasing energy requirements of high-level GPUs, which are projected to consume over 2 kW per chip by the end of the decade. To address these needs and cater to the evolving demands of various applications, Infineon Technologies AG has expanded its development of SiC MOSFETs to voltages below 650 V.

The newly introduced CoolSiC™ MOSFET 400 V family is built on the second generation (G2) CoolSiC technology, which was unveiled earlier this year. This portfolio of MOSFETs has been specifically designed for use in the AC/DC stage of AI servers, aligning with Infineon's recent PSU roadmap. These devices are not only suitable for AI servers but also find applications in solar and energy storage systems, inverter motor control, industrial power supplies, and solid-state circuit breakers for residential buildings.

Richard Kuncic, Head of the Power Systems Business Line at Infineon, emphasized the company's commitment to providing high-performance MOSFETs and GaN transistors to meet the intricate design and space constraints of AI server power supplies. He stated, "We are dedicated to assisting our customers with cutting-edge products like the CoolSiC MOSFETs 400 V G2 to enhance energy efficiency in advanced AI applications."

The CoolSiC MOSFET 400 V family boasts ultra-low conduction and switching losses compared to existing 650 V SiC and Si MOSFETs. When integrated into a multi-level PFC, the AC/DC stage of the AI Server PSU can achieve a power density exceeding 100 W/in³ with an efficiency rating of 99.5 percent. This marks a 0.3 percentage point efficiency enhancement over the use of 650 V SiC MOSFETs. Additionally, the combination of high-performance MOSFETs and transistors enables the power supply to deliver over 8 kW, tripling the power density of current offerings.

Featuring a total of 10 products across five RDS(on) classes ranging from 11 to 45 mΩ, the new MOSFET portfolio is available in Kelvin-source TOLL and D²PAK-7 packages with .XT package interconnect technology. With a drain-source breakdown voltage of 400 V at Tvj = 25°C, these components are well-suited for 2- and 3-level converters and synchronous rectification applications. The CoolSiC technology, combined with .XT interconnect technology, ensures robustness under harsh switching conditions and 100 percent avalanche testing.

Engineering samples of the CoolSiC MOSFET 400 V portfolio are currently accessible, with plans for series production commencing from October 2024. For more information, visit www.infineon.com/AI-PSU.

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