Lenovo Chooses Navitas GaN for Laptop Fast Chargers

June 21, 2024

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Lenovo, a prominent technology company in China, has embraced the use of Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology from Navitas Semiconductor to develop cutting-edge fast chargers for its latest generation of AI-powered PCs. The collaboration between Lenovo and Navitas has resulted in the creation of innovative chargers that cater to different user needs.

The Xiaoxin 105 W charger and the Legion C170 W charger, both designed by Powerland, leverage Navitas' GaNFast GaN transistors to provide efficient power solutions for daily travel and gaming purposes, respectively. The Xiaoxin 105 W GaN charger, weighing only 206g, is significantly lighter than traditional adapters, delivering 105 W of power through its 3 ports supporting multiple protocols.

"Powerland is thrilled to partner with Navitas once again to develop two high-performance GaN chargers for Lenovo," stated Dr. Wang Chuanyun, VP of R&D at Powerland Group. "Our commitment to technological advancement aligns perfectly with Navitas' GaNFast power ICs, enabling us to deliver reliable and user-friendly charging solutions for our clients."

For gaming enthusiasts, the Legion C170W charger offers a powerful 170 W output through a single port, catering specifically to the needs of hardcore gamers. Weighing just 245g, this charger is remarkably lighter than its predecessors and boasts rapid charging capabilities, outperforming the Legion C140 W Charger.

Lenovo's long-standing partnership with Navitas dates back to 2021, with previous collaborations resulting in the development of efficient chargers for various Lenovo devices. The successful integration of Navitas' GaNFast technology has enabled Lenovo to introduce the Xiaoxin and Legion GaN chargers to the market, enhancing the overall user experience for consumers.

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